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Technology Free Time

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I’ve had enough.  Enough of Facebook.  Enough of my time being robbed by it’s presence in my home, always consuming my attention.   My family is made up of a bunch of technology junkies.  Facebook.  Video games.  TV.   And it’s robbing of us of real life.  I realized it was a real problem several weeks ago. Well, truth be known, I realized it a LONG time ago.  But I enjoy denial.  It’s comfy there.

There are some family members I keep in contact with via Facebook that I rarely see.  It’s a great tool for staying in touch with them.  I also use it to communicate with my youth group about upcoming events.  So, it’s not as easy as just de-activating my account.   There are a lot of good things about Facebook.  But too often, it only serves as a time zapper.  So, I began to wean myself away.  And it’s worked.  I was spending an ungodly amount of time there.  And I have not missed it.  It’s somewhat like getting off sugar.  Once you get it out of your system, you stop craving it.   I check it briefly twice a day and hop right back off.  That’s MAJOR for me.

That little taste of freedom has led me to want more.  Last week, the kids had a rough homeschool day.  They just flat didn’t want to work.  It was a long, frustrating day.  In return for their slight efforts, I took away all technology privileges that evening.  NO technology of any kind until the next day.  NO computer.  NO TV.  NO Facebook.  NO video games.  NO iPod.  No cell phones.  NO technology.

As much as I would like to tell you it was easy, I would be lying.  It was tough.  I was about ready to hurt someone for a little laptop time myself.  But by night’s end, the convulsions and shakes subsided.  And I realized we had spent more time, visiting and laughing than we had in a long time.  We played board games.  Read excerpts to each other from our favorite books.  Told corny jokes.  I felt like I had been re-introduced to my family.

So, now, I want more.  After all, I’m an addict by nature.  I’m pondering the idea of giving up technology at least half the time in our home. To avoid a mutiny, the hubby and I decided we would try one evening a week…tech free.

I’m excited!

I’m anxious to see the difference this will make in our lives.

For the better.


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It’s Not You, It’s Me

It’s Not You, It’s Me


You have completely turned my life upside down.

As I think back on those first awkward moments we had together, I smile.  I was so innocent.  I was different.  Our relationship has changed me forever, that’s for sure.

You have filled my days (and nights) with happiness and joy.

When I was alone, you were there.

When nobody else would listen, you were there.

It’s been fun.  No, it’s been a blast.  Before you came along, my days were quiet…. and a tad bit boring.  You changed that for me.   Suddenly I not only enjoyed your company, but I anticipated our time together.  When I was with you, I could be myself.   I came as I was, and you accepted me.  No judgment.  I dare anyone to find a better listener.  You have never too busy to hear me, and stay with me until I was ready to let go.  You have been a companion like no other.

But I’m afraid I gave you too much of me.  Bit by bit, you became more demanding.  Wanting more.  Needing more attention.  And now, I’m just not so interested.  Maybe a break is what we need.  Yes, that’s it.  Just a break.  A time out.  I just don’t deserve you.  I wish I could be what you need.  But I’ve spent so much time consumed with you, devoted to you, I am missing out on other things in life.  It’s time for me to take some time to reflect, prioritize, and make some serious decisions about where I’m going in life.

Maybe if we see others, that would give us some perspective.  And, after all, the old saying goes….If you love something, set it free.   And I DO love you.  More than I should.  So it’s time.  I am going to set you free.  Don’t worry.  If we are truly meant to be, you will come back to me.  I need to explore other relationships.  I know, I know.  I will be sorry.

You’ll always be my first love.  I’ll always love you, Facebook.

But Pinterest has caught my eye.  I know it’s not right.  But I just can’t take my mind off of it.  It’s probably just a phase.  I pray you’ll take me back.  Right now, this is what I must do.  Don’t fret, I’ll still visit.  We can still be friends.

Breaking up is hard to do, but just remember…

It’s not you.  It’s me.



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Our Ultimate Role Model……

For we do not have a high priest who is unable to empathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are—yet he did not sin.   —-Hebrews 4:15

This past week, the world lost Steve Jobs. He was a great example of determination, persistence, and endurance. Steve was adopted as an infant, dropped out of college, and lived with Autism. He had every excuse to give up. Yet, he went on to be responsible for the iPhone and Pixar pictures. When he returned to the company after making his fortune, he only took an annual salary of $1. As we look around the world, we can find many great examples of inspiring people to look to as role models. People are spreading his legacy on Facebook, the news, and all over the internet. His story is inspiring.

Source: Ecopedia

But, our ultimate role model, the most high priest…….Jesus, sets the greatest and only perfect example in how we should live. He was tempted in every way we are tempted. Yet, he lived without giving in to sin. He was human and walked the earth with the same sinful nature we possess. Yet, he withstood temptation, lived a life loving others, healing others, and spreading God’s word. Ultimately, he laid down His life, enduring a torturous death, knowing full well He was innocent. He paid for things He did not do, for people who hated Him, and did it all with love in His heart. He believed you and I were worth dying for. Even in His last breath, he asked God to ‘forgive them’.

Most of us have been handed trials and circumstances in life that aren’t fair. Life can be hard. It would be very easy to give up and stop trying. When things go wrong, they can easily cause us to get off track. It’s easy to allow the wrong turns in our life to become excuses for not living a life fully devoted to Him. We will never live sinless lives. But we can look to Jesus as an example and strive to live as He lived….loving others even when they don’t deserve it. Forgiving others who have destroyed us. Helping those in need…even those who are hard to help and hard to love. He understands just how hard it is to live up to His example. He understands our temptations, our struggles with others. He has been there. And He is there with you now. Call on Him to help you. You will find that through Him, you can do things you never thought possible. He is just waiting for you. What’s stopping you?


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I will Survive………well, maybe.


The alarm clock is my dog.  He wakes me up in his pen, whining each morning.   Same time each day.  Today is no different.  I pick him up, take him out, put coffee on…….and it happens.

Everything shuts down, turns off, goes eerily quiet.  The electricity is off.

I can handle this.  NO problem.  People went for hundreds of years without electricity.  It can’t be all that hard.  Sure.  Back to basics.  In your face……Mr. Thomas Edison,….Alexander Volta….Ben Franklin!!  I don’t need you!

I make my way to my laptop.  I left it charging.  Ha!  The electricity gods just thought they were gonna zing me and ruin my Friday.  My head begins to swell and I break out in song and dance…….I will survive!  I’m sporting my Gloria Gaynor fro (remember, I just woke up) and shaking my bootay in my pj pants, ‘singing’ at the top of my lungs.  I finish my rendition of the classic… and collapse on the sofa, laptop in hand.

I open it up, turn it on and head to the coffee pot.  That’s when my world starts to spin.  No coffee…..  I begin to talk myself down off the ledge of a full blown panic attack and walk back to the computer.  I’m in control.  The old days weren’t easy.  You can do this.  I sit down to enjoy my morning dose of Facebook.  And the world begins to spin again.  No electricity to run the router…..means no internet.

Feeling a tad bit weak, but still determined… this is just a molehill in my day, not a mountain….I decide to walk out and check on the dog.  That’s it!  I will go out onto the deck and enjoy nature.  Marvel at the leaves, and the sky, and the birds chirping in the trees.  And I did………for a few minutes.  But it’s hard to concentrate on God’s creation when you have the shakes and sweats from not getting your morning dose of caffeine.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, I hear the roar of a truck heading my way.  Could it be???  It looks like a box truck!!!  It is!!!!  It’s the electric co-op truck.

He’s driving slowly.
Does that mean he’s looking  for the problem??
Has fixed the problem and is just strolling the neighborhood??
Or is he JUST strolling the neighborhood and is not aware of the problem??

At this point, it’s hard to think clearly, rationally.  And I don’t have time to think.  He will be gone before I blink!  I almost take off in a sprint after him.   But I’m not sure if I should fall down right there in the street and thank him for rescuing me or if I should tackle him, take him hostage, and hold him prisoner until the lights are back on.  I don’t have time to figure it out, I haven’t had my morning coffee, which means I have NO energy and am still groggy.  And I’m still in my Pjs….which means NO bra.


And in somewhat public!!  I suddenly shrink into the swing, desperately hoping he won’t see me as he passes.

And just like that, he was gone.

Reality sets in.  I’m dumbfounded, overcome in embarrassment, have no coffee, and STILL no electricity.  Who am I kidding?  I can’t do this.  How will I make it?  As despair overtakes me, I head back into the house.  Who wants to enjoy God’s creation when you are the queen of all wimps?

And that’s when it happens.  Just as I grab the door knob,  I hear the A/C kick on and begin to roar.  It’s back!!!  I puff back up faster than you can say wienerschnitzel (I don’t know, it just popped into my head).  I break out into song and dance again.  I SURVIVED!!!!  I’m King of the World!!!  Life is good.  Today is Friday.  It’s payday.  I am drinking my third cup of coffee.  AND I have electricity.  Lesson learned.  Thank you, God.  I am blessed.


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