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A Fresh Start

I appointed you to go and produce fruit that will last.   John 15:16

The beginning of the year brings many promises, goals, resolutions.  Yada, yada, yada.  For me it’s not the most positive activity.  Who wants to make resolutions we have little hope of keeping?  It seems no matter how much we would really LIKE to keep the resolutions made, we fail.  A year, after all, is a long time.  Yet, the idea of a fresh start is refreshing.  Everyone wants a chance to do-over and do better in the process.

Looking forward to a new year first always pulls me in to looking back over the past year.  My family experienced so many changes, so many ups and downs, it almost makes me teary-eyed.

But one thing that stuck out to me was the change in my second oldest son, Adam.  Adam is extremely goal oriented.  He is a planner.  He knows what he wants and he goes after it.  Last summer, right before transferring to University of Houston, Adam had become a bit disinterested in following God.  Sure, he was Christian.  But the Almighty King was no longer a priority in Adam’s life.  He had a plan.  He was going to finish school with some sort of finance degree, complete an internship in a large city (and was in the process of lining it up), and then would move to a large city and make lots of money.  Oh, and don’t forget……….he would live ‘happily ever after’.

He had been planning his future since he was just a young kid.  He began calculating my gas mileage when he was in second grade.  He saves money even when he doesn’t have a job.  He is one of the most driven kids I have ever seen….and I’m not just saying that because he is mine.

Although Adam’s plans were good plans, his pushing God aside, becoming too busy for God, concerned me.  As a mom, I want him to be successful.  I want him to be happy.  But I know without a doubt that nothing in life matters if you are not following God.  So, I began to finagle him into going with our youth group to camp.  He resisted.  A lot.  But I kept pushing.  And praying.  Finally, things fell into place and he gave in.

It was life changing for him.  He not only refocused on God, but he jumped in with both feet.  He shared with me he thought God was calling him into ministry.  In the fall, he went to UH.  I was so worried he would wander away again.  Instead, he joined a mission group on campus.  And he hasn’t looked back.  His plans have completely changed.  Over the holidays, he got the call about his internship.  This was his big chance to live in a big city, living what he had dreamed of since he was a boy.  Yet, without hesitation he told me he wasn’t going.  His plans were no longer about him.  His plans were to follow God’s leading into ministry.  He has given up his dream for the dream God has for him.  And he is ecstatic about it.

When I read this scripture today, I thought of my Adam.  God calls us to not just come to Him, but to produce fruit.  Fruit that will last.  Although all of us are not called into ministry, we are called to do something for him.  Everyone has a purpose for Him. Everyone has a talent He wants to use to further His kingdom.  We are not meant to be just Sunday morning Christians.

As you ponder over the past year and look forward to the new one, reflect on your relationship with our Savior.  Where does He fall in your list of priorities?  Is He just an after thought?  Or does He come first in your life?  Does your life reflect your love for Him in everything you do?   Are your actions and plans dependent on HIS will for you or YOUR will for you?

The awesome thing about God is each day is a new day.  His mercies are new every morning.  This means you get a new, fresh start with Him daily!   Seek a spiritual renewal within your heart this 2012.  Seek His will for your life and be willing to follow when you find it.  Devote this year to living for Him.  Following Him.  Serving Him.  Then, you will bear that fruit the Bible talks about.  And it will make 2012 the best year yet!

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New Year’s Resolve…. only 363 more days to go!

The New Year is here and my life is quickly getting into full swing again.  Along with the New Year comes those nasty little resolutions rearing their ugly head.  Only to remind me that I failed at the last resolutions made.  What a great feeling!

A few years back, I decided to STOP the insanity and completely boycotted New Year’s Resolutions.  I figured this way I could exercise that rebellious nature AND be successful at resolutions because I wouldn’t have any!  And it worked.  I’ve lived in that happy place for a few years now, but my pesky little sister guilted me into a few.  Ok, she didn’t guilt me into them as much as she triple dog dared me into them.  And I fell for it.  Hook, line, and na-nanny-boo-boo.

So here I am, already working my fingers to the bone……trying to live up to these miserable resolutions.  Just hoping and praying to make it a respectable amount of time before crashing from the stress.  Why, oh why, do we need all things new?  I mean, do we really need ‘out with the old’??  I’m old.  Please don’t throw me out!  And what’s wrong with my old ways anyway?? So what if I have thirty minute marathons to find all things lost in this house??  Clean clothes?  Are they REALLY necessary??  Um, well.  Ok.

So here we go……..three.  Count them.  Three resolutions.  If I can accomplish two of three I will be happy as a pig in sunshine.

1.  Read the entire Bible front to back.  Day two is over and so far, so good thanks to that cool app on my iPad that reads it to me.  That does count, right??

2.  Organize every cabinet and closet in this house.  I actually got a head start on this one back before Christmas.  The kitchen is finished.  Maybe the kitchen should have been the whole resolution.  Then I could check it off!

Of course, this is NOT and NEVER will be MY closet.  But it surely is beeeeuuutiful!

3.  Actually see EMPTY hampers in my laundry room EACH day.  This is a big one for me.  Usually I only see empty hampers when I dump them out to sort the clothes.  I’m proud to say.  On day two.  ALL my hampers are empty!  Go me!

Just imagine it EMPTY!

That’s it.

And now that I have a chance to look it over and think over the past day or so, I have decided………………

I can do this!  Resolution Success will be MINE!!!

What are YOUR resolutions???




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