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Don’t let your PAST determine your FUTURE!!

Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.
    –1 Samuel 16:7

How often in life do we feel inadequate? The mistakes or trials we have been through can hang heavy on our heart and definitely affect the attitudes and actions of our lives. Often times the feelings and burdens on our heart prevent us from being useful for God’s purposes. We feel like if only we could ‘fix’ this area of our life. If only we could stop indulging in shameful behaviors. If only we could repair our relationships first.

We can spend our entire life living in the ‘If only’. Being useful to God is NOT about your ability. It’s about your heart. When God decides to use you for the glory of His kingdom, He can take your willing heart and do extraordinary things!

As a matter of fact, this is His area of expertise. David was an adulterer. Moses was a murderer. Peter denied Christ. Paul persecuted innocents and stood by watching while Stephen was stoned to death simply for his faith in God.

No matter what you have been through, God still wants you.

He still loves you.

And He still wants to use you.

The mess of our lives only gives God a greater opportunity to work through you.  Don’t allow the things man sees, the negative things in your life, things in your past, to determine your path God has an even greater path waiting for you.  But you have to trust Him.  No problem is too big for Him!

If you find yourself deep in sin, seek forgiveness with a sincere heart.

Pick yourself up.

And follow Him.







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