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Technology Free Time

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I’ve had enough.  Enough of Facebook.  Enough of my time being robbed by it’s presence in my home, always consuming my attention.   My family is made up of a bunch of technology junkies.  Facebook.  Video games.  TV.   And it’s robbing of us of real life.  I realized it was a real problem several weeks ago. Well, truth be known, I realized it a LONG time ago.  But I enjoy denial.  It’s comfy there.

There are some family members I keep in contact with via Facebook that I rarely see.  It’s a great tool for staying in touch with them.  I also use it to communicate with my youth group about upcoming events.  So, it’s not as easy as just de-activating my account.   There are a lot of good things about Facebook.  But too often, it only serves as a time zapper.  So, I began to wean myself away.  And it’s worked.  I was spending an ungodly amount of time there.  And I have not missed it.  It’s somewhat like getting off sugar.  Once you get it out of your system, you stop craving it.   I check it briefly twice a day and hop right back off.  That’s MAJOR for me.

That little taste of freedom has led me to want more.  Last week, the kids had a rough homeschool day.  They just flat didn’t want to work.  It was a long, frustrating day.  In return for their slight efforts, I took away all technology privileges that evening.  NO technology of any kind until the next day.  NO computer.  NO TV.  NO Facebook.  NO video games.  NO iPod.  No cell phones.  NO technology.

As much as I would like to tell you it was easy, I would be lying.  It was tough.  I was about ready to hurt someone for a little laptop time myself.  But by night’s end, the convulsions and shakes subsided.  And I realized we had spent more time, visiting and laughing than we had in a long time.  We played board games.  Read excerpts to each other from our favorite books.  Told corny jokes.  I felt like I had been re-introduced to my family.

So, now, I want more.  After all, I’m an addict by nature.  I’m pondering the idea of giving up technology at least half the time in our home. To avoid a mutiny, the hubby and I decided we would try one evening a week…tech free.

I’m excited!

I’m anxious to see the difference this will make in our lives.

For the better.


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