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Torturing the Kids and Conquering Middle-aged Syndrome

It’s Friday!  The first Friday of the New Year!  I can hardly type for wanting to break out into singing and dancing.  Not only is it the first full weekend of the new year, it’s also the first weekend since Thanksgiving that I have NOTHING written on the agenda.  I get to stay home! Wait for it……..  It gets even better!  Today is the day I get to force the kiddies to re-organize their bedrooms… under the beds and closets included.  Yep, freedom from obligations AND torturing the kiddies.  Double win!

But as I read back over that paragraph, I realize I sound like my grandma.  OLD.  But I’m only 40.  I can’t be old yet, right?  It’s just a coincidence that I’m looking forward to housework and laundry on a Friday, right?  So, I grabbed a paper and pen (another sign of old age….the LIST) and made a list of things about life that I actually enjoy and look forward to regularly.  I thought if I did such, I would feel better about my Friday excitement and realize I’m actually young and vibrant.  Ready to conquer the weekend.  So, here we go……

  • I love and live for the moment I can cast off my clothes and throw on my pajama pants and house shoes.  Matching them all up and looking fashionable is nice, but definitely optional.  After all, who is gonna see me besides my loves?

  • Finding a new scent for my Scentsy warmers brings me giddy excitement. Walking into my home and smelling Scentsy (rather than feet) helps me find my happy place.  When your house smells good, you just feel good!  By the way, the correct ratio of warmers to boys is 3 to 1.  I have 6 boys and one male dog….so I only need 21 warmers to attain maximum Scentopia.  FYI.

  • The ultimate goal of the day is to reach the time we can sit down as a family and watch the latest episode of Frasier on Netflix.  Before Frasier it was Lost.  And Everybody Loves Raymond.  And Little House on the Prairie.  And Reba.


  • I know, I know, it’s a lot to take in.  But try to stay with me, ok?


  • I’m currently on a mission to organize my house.  It was a resolution for the New Year. I’ve always wanted to be organized and stay organized.  It just never works for me.  But I must say, accomplishing just one cabinet makes me inexplicably happy.  I even thought about snapping pics and posting….. but my kids informed me no one cared that I finally organized my medicine cabinet. Besides, it will be a complete mess again next week.  Geeeshhhhh.

So, organization has eluded me all these years. I’m gonna keep trying!

  • I have a party at least once a week in my home.  I crank up the tunes and get my dance on……..while cleaning the house.  Dancing your way through chores is the bomb diggity (note my use of a young phrase ;-))

            So, yea, that’s not me.  But I’m sure I carry it off just as well!

  • A great night-time activity is catching up on what’s going on in the world….on Facebook.  Who needs real social interaction when you can plop on the couch and scroll through your newsfeed instead?


  • Don’t worry.  You too, can achieve this maximum level of youthfulness.  Tackle one thing a week until you can handle all of this at once. You can do it!


  • I look forward each week to making lists…. to help me be more organized of course.  Not because I would forget things.  Menu planning and daily to-do lists are so much fun to check off as you go!


  • Lastly, my favorite stores are those that have special deals on housewares.  Like Ross and Marshall’s.  You can get beautiful things for your home at a fraction of the cost. I do realize I sound like a commercial, but it’s true!

I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking I’m definitely showing my age.  I’ve crawled into the pit of the middle-aged woman, never to return to youthful fun and excitement.  And maybe you’re right. Who knows?

  All I know is I love my life.  I love where I am now.  Mismatched PJ pants and all.  I love making lists and decorating my house.  And I love planning what I will cook next.  And if you love what you do, that’s half the battle.

So, I will go on and plan what to organize next and turn up the tunes and break out into dance while washing dishes.  Because that’s what makes me happy.  I will rejoice over being able to stay home on Friday and Saturday night.

And hey, today I get to torture the kids and make them organize their own rooms!


Life is good!

Get your happy dance on!

The sad part to all this, is I’m actually looking forward to the chance to do housework and laundry.  A quiet day with normal and mundane chores.  Seriously?  Have I gotten THAT old?   Surely not.  It just can’t be.

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Monday ~ Funday!

Monday ~ Funday!

Yay for Monday!

I know.  Crazy, right??

But after having a less than best weekend, I welcome Monday with open arms.  I welcome the mundane everyday.  The routine.  The stability that it brings.  I reached my maximum stress potential before Monday ever arrived, so even when it means school work, laundry, and housework……  Yay for Monday!

In fact, I am so excited about some normalcy, I decided to share.  Yay for you!  I know you are excited.  Well, if you’re still reading.  Anyway, I have a busy day ahead.  It SHOULD look something like this………

I don’t think I’ve shared anything concerning our small family farm.  Well, it’s really more my hubby and my father-in-love’s farm, but we reap the benefits.  We have 7 goats, about 50 chickens, 10 cats, 2 dogs, and 7 cows.  We go through cycles with the chickens, so we are just now getting eggs again.

That means I’m overloaded with fresh, yummy eggs… you guessed it.  Omelettes are what’s for breakfast around here.  Today’s omelette was a conglomeration of ingredients we all like.  I threw them all together and it turned out great.  The kids were bickering over seconds.   It consisted of ham, onions, red and green bell peppers, mushrooms, cheese, and spinach….and of course, lots of eggs!  Eat with salsa for a splash of spice.  YUM!

While the kids work on schoolwork, I have a Christmas hat to finish knitting on the loom.  My 11-year-old started it, but I need the loom back…..and he is S.L.O.W…..and he has lost interest.  So, he wants me to finish it for him…because I’m ‘speedy quick’ at it anyway.  I think he’s just trying to get me to do his dirty work for him.  No, I’m sure of it.  It’s supposed to be a homemade Christmas gift for his dad.  And since I can’t wait to see the hubster wearing a red, green, and white toboggan all over God’s creation, I am more than happy to help him out.

Baby boy needs more time for playing Beanie Baby Football anyway.

Yes, I said Beanie Baby Football.  This weekend, we hit the Beanie Baby jackpot on our yard sale expedition.  Twenty five cents got us a practically brand new Ty Beanie Baby….tags and all.  I think we bought them out.   Don’t get me wrong, we are in no way collectors.  My boys (puppy included) LOVE to play with them.  They have now invented Beanie Baby Football.  I don’t know how it works or understand the game, but it keeps them busy for hours.

Lastly, because Mondays are usually long, torturous days….and we’ve had enough of those types of days to last for a while…..I decided today would be perfect for decorating the Christmas tree.  Yes, I know.  Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet.  I know, it’s just not fair.  Thanksgiving deserves its fair share of attention, love, and devotion.  And I DO love Thanksgiving.  But once it’s here, I find myself in a vortex of busy-ness.  Christmas looms like a lion ready to attack.  I barely have time to get packages wrapped, much less decorate the tree.

In an effort to maintain my sanity (you know if momma ain’t happy…), we decorate before Thanksgiving so we are ready for the whirlwind ahead.  So, today is Christmas Tree Monday.  This evening, after pulling all my hair out getting through the school day, we will decorate our tree.  Complete with homemade hot chocolate and Christmas music.  After my road trip last week with my church lady friends, I feel less than adequate at decorating a tree.  But I thought if I were to post a before pic of this pitiful tree, it would make my finished tree look like a masterpiece.  It’s a tall, skinny tree because we have lots of bodies, lots of furniture, and we don’t have room for lots of tree. We are calling it the Leaning Tower of Tree.  For now.  Tomorrow it will be a work of art.  Um, kind of.  Sort of.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all.

Leaning Tower of Tree

For all of you humbugs out there, don’t worry.  We will still add to our ‘Give Thanks’ board tonight.  Thanksgiving and Christmas all rolled up together.  If we don’t kill each other first.  Decorating the tree can get crazy around here with a bunch of boys.  Let’s just say, ornaments get broken when they are used as hand grenades.  You just don’t decorate the tree barefoot.

Thanks, Bernie.  At least I have one for each foot…even if they don’t match!

So you see, Monday HAS to be a fun day.  I can’t have it any other way.  I WON’T have it any other way!  It’s time to get my Monday face on!  Smiles all day.  Happy Monday, Funday, ya’ll!!

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Stressed Much??


Today has been one of THOSE days.

I have been in touch with my emotions ENTIRELY too much today.   For most women, that’s not a big deal.

For me, it spells D I S A S T E R!

Probably wasn’t a great idea to double up on home school today either.  That just MIGHT be a contributing factor.  But I’m gonna soon be on my way to Houston and I don’t want us to get behind.  I really NEED to get these kids edu-ma-cated so I can push their patooty’s out of the house.

Then there was the usual evil of the day lurking in the shadows.  Well, it isn’t REALLY lurking in the shadows…it’s everywhere.  You can’t take a step without being assaulted by the clutter in this house.  Nope, it’s are not lurking.  It’s more like attacking.   Housework, and more specifically, clutter….. is my arch nemesis.

Of course, it might be the fact that Bernie has decided to regress and has started going poopy all over my house.   I thought we were past this.  Sure, he has the occasional accident in the house, but in the past 24 hours I have found a MINIMUM of 5 piles of puppy poopy.  Well, one wasn’t really found….it made it’s appearance known via the bottom of a bare foot.  GROSS!!!


Oh, and speaking of Bernie, he has moved on from his obsession with my shoes….probably due to the fact he has chewed up, slobbered on, or hidden all of them.  He now is in love with my bras.  It seems he finds them and strows them all over the house.  After he chews them up.  Underwire and a teething puppy are just not a good combination.  Let’s just say that between the puppy poopy and random bras, it wasn’t a good day to drop by.

Then again, I guess it might have been the fact that the only working toilet in the house is hardly flushing….all day.  With three boys in the house…well, you get the picture.  Walking in my end of the house is reminiscent of diving into a septic tank.  Yep, that should give you the appropriate mental image.

So, basically, to sum up the day…..

  • Poopy puppy on the foot. And all over the house.
  • I can’t find a bra that isn’t covered in slobber.
  • Or doesn’t have the underwire hanging by only a thread due to Chewy aka Bernie.
  • Did I say I have a trip to Houston tomorrow?  Packing?  Who has time for that?
  • Evil Lurkers.  Watch where you step….for more than one reason.
  • Stopped up toilet. Over and over again.
  • Double school = double the whining, complaining, frustrated kids
  • All while wearing my feelings on my sleeve.

You know, today, IS one of THOSE days.

Stress is oozing from the very fiber of my being.

Which reminds me of when I taught school and I realize…

The only appropriate way to close is with this elementary school ditty:


Nobody loves me!

Everybody hates me!

Think I’ll go eat WORMS!!! 

[Or in my case, chocolate.  My mind is not completely gone yet!]



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Organization Anonymous…..Well, Sort of…


Organization is heavenly.  I am an organizer.  I love to organize things.  It’s some of the best fun…..taking random chaos and bringing some sort of meaning to the madness.  A place for everything (and hopefully labeled as such) and everything in its place.

I have spent a large portion of my life organizing things.  And I’m good at it.  I organize movies by genre.  I then even organize the various genres on the shelf.  The kid-friendly movies within reach of said kiddies, while putting the horror and action genre (generally NOT kiddie friendly) on the top shelf out of little hands’ reach.  Medicine?  No problem.  A basket for first-aid, maintenance meds, vitamins, etc, etc.  The pantry….oh, I can have a play party there.  Can goods can be organized in a multitude of ways.  School supplies.  Heaven on earth.  Toys……. By tubs of various sizes and colors depending on their respective category….action figures, construction toys,  transportation toys.  Each toy category can then be organized within THAT category.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  I could start a blog on organizing things.  I LOVE it!!

So, why does organization elude me?? I try so hard to be organized.  I DO organize.  But there is a HUGE difference in organizing and BEING organized.  It’s maintaining organization that always makes a failure out of me.

I think the problem is that along with all this love for organizing,  I also suffer from ADHD.  Which means, by nature, I’m a slob.  I can keep up with nothing, I put things away in a ’safe spot‘, only to forget where the safe spot actually is.  I hate clutter, yet it follows me everywhere I go.  I spend hours organizing things, only to utterly destroy and dismantle said organization the second time I use it….ok, the first time.  I think it’s an illness.  I guess I’m hoping it is.  That way I would have a good excuse.  ‘I’m sick‘, I could say.  Well, I’m sick alright.  I spend TONS of money buying things to organize, HOURS of time organizing (and usually make a HUGE mess in the process), yet, you still need an appointment to come to my house.  I always hope and pray when someone uses the bathroom, they don’t open the cabinet door.  After all, it could be dangerous.   No telling WHAT might fall out of there.   I spend so much time in the perpetual quest for organization, that it keeps me from completing regular housework.  How can I clean the kitchen when the pantry needs to be organized (and it does…even though I do it every week)?

I don’t know how to help me.  Maybe there is no help for me.  Hello, my name is Robin.  I’m an organization addict.  No, you can’t see it, but it’s there.  Believe me, my clutter bothers me more than it bothers you.  It’s even worse living inside my head.  Oh, and don’t forget that appointment.  Otherwise, I might flip the lights off, holler for everyone to freeze, and hide behind a couch.  Heheee………..of course, I’m just kidding.  I won’t holler.  Geeeezzz, how dumb do you think I am??

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