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He Holds You Together

The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit. 

—Psalm 34:18


This week has been a hard and emotional week for me. It’s so difficult to see someone you love in pain, especially when you can do nothing to help.  Life is full of tragedy, heart-break, and sadness.  It is a painful part of life.  It’s unavoidable.  As I visited a friend in the midst of so much pain and sorrow, I began to worry. How will she get through this?  How can I help her? It will be so long before her soul recovers, it literally makes my heart hurt.

This kind of pain and sorrow can be brought on by so many things.

Loss of a loved one.


A cheating spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend.

A child straying down an unhealthy path.

Financial woes.

Health problems.

I could make a never-ending list.

As I was lost in thought on the way home today, I began to think about how people survive. After experiencing such devastating heartache, how do people find the will to move on, endure, survive?  No matter how hard I tried to come up with answers,  I only have ONE.

Only ONE.

The answer is Jesus.

Without the love, mercy, and grace of my Savior, I would live a truly hopeless life.  Lost.  No comfort.  No peace.  No hope.

Walking with God, in a devoted relationship with Him, hand-in-hand, prayer-by-prayer.  It changes everything.


With God as my refuge and strength, I can survive any heartache.  No matter how devastating.  When my world is falling apart, when I feel completely abandoned, when my circumstances seem hopeless, I can KNOW.

Without a doubt of uncertainty.

God is still God.  He is still in control.  He is there.

He can hold the shambles of my life together, repair the damage.

Heal my wounded heart.

NO person can give the comfort and peace Jesus offers to those who take up their cross and follow Him.  Today, I am thankful for a God who is in control.  I am thankful for blessings in life I take for granted each day.  The security and comfort of His love.  The refuge found when He wraps me in his arms of comfort and peace amidst the worst of trials.  My heart breaks for those who do not have a relationship with Him.  He is the great I am.

Apart from Him you will be hopeless.  Lost.

Cling to Him in prayer.  Cling to Him in worship.  Cling to Him!  He is God.  He will hold you together.




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