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Life as I Know It….. with Boys




Loud.  Stinky.  Gross.   Rowdy.  Adventurous.  Kind.  Fearless.  Messy.  Obnoxious.  Grumpy.  Silly.  Happy-go-lucky.      BOYS.
I’ve spent 21 years thus far mothering boys.  In fact, I have FIVE of them.  And three are still at home.  I still have a long way until my journey with my boys is over.  I thought I would share some good, bad, and stinky with you.

  • Rock.  Paper.  Scissors———>>> the ULTIMATE decision maker.   Especially for things they DON’T want to do!
  • Electronics are a guy’s best friend.
  • Clothes are optional.   An after-thought.  If it weren’t for Mom to FORCE them to wear them, they would most likely run around naked….all the time!
  • One of the most important things a mom can do for her boys is cook supper.  They LOVE to eat.
  • Going to the bathroom is a game.  That toilet is just a big ole bulls-eye.  And it’s more fun to miss than it is to hit.
  • There just aren’t many things more important than who gets to ride shotgun.  And if you get banished to the third row seat, life just might be over.
  • Bathing was invented as a form of torture.  And it works very well.
  • Clutter is a way of life.  And they like it.
  • Shoes are completely unimportant and unneccessary ….until mom throws a hissy fit and makes you wear them!
  • Life revolves around super heroes……  Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Green Lantern, Flash, Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine… name a few.
  • Sports are a way of life.  Any math problem or life lesson can be taught through a sports analogy.
  • No matter how big or how old, they still want hugs….and lots of them.
  • Real life is over-rated.  Imagination is where it’s at!
  • Boys enjoy their own smells…..and often the smell of others as well.
  • Boys are incapable of holding grudges.  They just aren’t wired that way.  You can get mad at them.  They can get mad at you.  Five minutes later, it’s over and they still want that hug.
  • Houses are really just indoor playgrounds.  It’s best if you decorate them as such.  Treasures belong in a chest buried somewhere, not out on the coffee table anyway.
  • Learning to burp the ABC’s is an art.  And the best mom’s teach them how.
  • Trash cans are just basketball goals in disguise.
  • A boys mission is to make mom feel needed…. constantly…. by providing perpetual, never-ending messes.
  • Lastly, nobody needs their mom like a baby boy.

With all their stinky, rambunctious, wild escapades……..boys are sweet, lovable, loving, and kind.  Sometimes you might need to look closely, beyond all the dirt and grime, beyond all the balls being thrown overhead, and the wrestling under foot….but once you do, you will find a heart filled with deep, unending love for his mom.  In fact, each of my boys have proposed marriage to me when they were little.  Even with all the messes, stinky feet, broken treasures, burping contests, and super hero obsessions….. that little boy who, at the end of the day, wants to climb on the couch and snuggle with mom because she is the coolest girl on the planet?  He’s worth it.  Now, I have a few messes to clean.  I better get busy.  Couch time starts soon.

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Organization Anonymous…..Well, Sort of…


Organization is heavenly.  I am an organizer.  I love to organize things.  It’s some of the best fun…..taking random chaos and bringing some sort of meaning to the madness.  A place for everything (and hopefully labeled as such) and everything in its place.

I have spent a large portion of my life organizing things.  And I’m good at it.  I organize movies by genre.  I then even organize the various genres on the shelf.  The kid-friendly movies within reach of said kiddies, while putting the horror and action genre (generally NOT kiddie friendly) on the top shelf out of little hands’ reach.  Medicine?  No problem.  A basket for first-aid, maintenance meds, vitamins, etc, etc.  The pantry….oh, I can have a play party there.  Can goods can be organized in a multitude of ways.  School supplies.  Heaven on earth.  Toys……. By tubs of various sizes and colors depending on their respective category….action figures, construction toys,  transportation toys.  Each toy category can then be organized within THAT category.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  I could start a blog on organizing things.  I LOVE it!!

So, why does organization elude me?? I try so hard to be organized.  I DO organize.  But there is a HUGE difference in organizing and BEING organized.  It’s maintaining organization that always makes a failure out of me.

I think the problem is that along with all this love for organizing,  I also suffer from ADHD.  Which means, by nature, I’m a slob.  I can keep up with nothing, I put things away in a ’safe spot‘, only to forget where the safe spot actually is.  I hate clutter, yet it follows me everywhere I go.  I spend hours organizing things, only to utterly destroy and dismantle said organization the second time I use it….ok, the first time.  I think it’s an illness.  I guess I’m hoping it is.  That way I would have a good excuse.  ‘I’m sick‘, I could say.  Well, I’m sick alright.  I spend TONS of money buying things to organize, HOURS of time organizing (and usually make a HUGE mess in the process), yet, you still need an appointment to come to my house.  I always hope and pray when someone uses the bathroom, they don’t open the cabinet door.  After all, it could be dangerous.   No telling WHAT might fall out of there.   I spend so much time in the perpetual quest for organization, that it keeps me from completing regular housework.  How can I clean the kitchen when the pantry needs to be organized (and it does…even though I do it every week)?

I don’t know how to help me.  Maybe there is no help for me.  Hello, my name is Robin.  I’m an organization addict.  No, you can’t see it, but it’s there.  Believe me, my clutter bothers me more than it bothers you.  It’s even worse living inside my head.  Oh, and don’t forget that appointment.  Otherwise, I might flip the lights off, holler for everyone to freeze, and hide behind a couch.  Heheee………..of course, I’m just kidding.  I won’t holler.  Geeeezzz, how dumb do you think I am??

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