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Stay Calm….. Let HIM fight!


The Lord himself will fight for you. Just stay calm. —–Exodus 14:14

I was reading a favorite old book last night when I came across this verse. I actually stopped reading, and went and picked up my Bible. It had been so long since I had read this verse, I had almost forgotten it was there. Such a short verse carrying a such HUGE promise.

I was in awe of my creator all over again. This was spoken by Moses to his people amidst panic and fear because Pharaoh had sent his army after them. They were trapped between the enemy, the mountains, and the Red Sea. What a hopeless situation they found themselves in. Moses was right. The Lord had this. No worries…he parted that Red Sea long enough to allow them an escape.

I was thinking back on how many times in my life I have panicked…..looking all around me for relief, while carelessly forgetting to look up. The Lord will fight for me. Just stay calm.

Oh, how my problems in life can become mountains surrounding me, armies trying to attack me, and a sea of problems I cannot cross. The Lord will fight for me. Just stay calm.

I must keep my eye on the One who ‘has my back’. He knows the problems and trials that will bombard me before they ever reach me. He loves me enough to allow His son to die a painful death for ME. The Lord will fight for me. Just stay calm.

He has a plan. And His plan is what’s best for me. It will bring me joy, peace, and contentment. It might not be MY plan, but I can’t see all things. My faith and trust in Him need to take over and KNOW that if I follow HIS plan, it’s going to be okay. The Lord will fight for me. Just stay calm.

Today, as you face the mountains, the raging seas, and Satan’s attack on your life….remember…The Lord himself will fight for you. Just stay calm.


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Our Stronghold

The Lord is my light and my salvation– whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life — of whom shall I be afraid? *Psalm 27:1 

We live in troubled times. You only need to turn on the news for a few minutes to find discouragement, tragedy and sadness abounding in the world. Many of us find those things in our own life. Bad things happen all too often. Loss of a loved one. Families crumbling. Financial hardships. These times where life is often unsettled and you’re not sure what disappointment will hit you next….it’s in facing these hardships that reveals a lot about who we are. Do you stand like a strong tower in a storm? Or does your heart feel trampled and hopeless? When things fall apart, hopelessness overtakes us, we must remember to turn to our TRUE strong tower. He holds us in his hands even through the sorrows and trials of life. It’s during those tough times that we realize we just might need help. No, we MUST have help because without him, we will not stand. In fact, true hopelessness comes in NOT knowing the one true God. The Bible tells us our hope is found through Christ alone. Life will fail you. People will fail you. God’s love is unchangeable, unstoppable. Nothing can match the love God has for us. His love is not moved by the hardships in our lives. The disasters of our life remind us just how much we need God. He is strong and steady. His light can bring peace to your troubled soul during the worst of storms if you lean on Him, trust Him, and seek Him.

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