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Everything You Do

So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. —1 Corinthians 10:31Fridays are the BEST! They just make you wanna smile and get on your happy dance. Fridays mean we made it. Everything life has thrown of us….we have survived. The weekend is imminent. Fun and relaxation are on it’s way. And although our weekends are often filled with fun, excitement, and busy-ness at its peak, we look forward to them like a fat chick on a diet loves cake (Yes, that’s me at the moment.)
The Bible instructs us that EVERYTHING you do should be done for the glory of God.
Your chores, the responsibilities of life, your recreation and play…..all should be done for His glory.
Every little thing.
Keep God on the forefront of your mind as you go about your activities and conduct yourself in a manner that reflects your walk with God. Your attitudes, your words, and your actions are all a reflection of your spirit, and ultimately your walk and commitment to God. If we keep this in mind, then we can give NO LESS than our best.
No Excuses. It’s all out~ all or nothing. There is no halfway.
As you go about your weekend, keep in mind that you are a light for God’s kingdom. God is watching everything we do, so honor Him. Bring a smile to His face. Now get out there, let your light shine bright…. and have a GREAT weekend!!

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Fat Chick on a Diet….What was I thinking??




It’s weigh-in day.

Fit for Life.  What idiot came up with that name?  Oh, wait.  That was me.

I was the idiot who got me wrangled into this mess.  And although, I DO want to get healthy and lose some excess baggage, I LOVE to eat.  So, long story, somewhat shorter…..I started a group in my town (I live in the STIX, so none such group existed before)…..

Healthy living…which will hopefully lead to weight loss….with a weigh in each week.  In front of the pastor’s wife.  Who is a size 6.  YIKES.

So, here I am, week one coming to a screeching halt….. and I am hit with the reality of weighing in tonight.

Suddenly, I panic.  What can I do?

I started out the week fairly strong.  I have given up sugar…..and had almost NO candy this week.  That’s progress.

But will the scale show it?  Will I cringe in humiliation and shame when I climb on that monster that seems to only exist to make my life a living hell?

I believe I have lost a couple of pounds, but we weigh in the evenings, which means I will weigh more….

My clothes…. they will add even more weight to the already heavy picture.  After all, I can’t go naked.   Can I?  Hmmm….no, wait.


I make a bee line to my room and begin to pilfer through my clothes.  I’m on a mission.

I begin to weigh things…one item in one hand and one in the other, desperately looking for the right ‘lightweight’ combination.  I find my flimsiest bra.  All that under wire is heavy and this one has none.   The sweat begins to pour.   My heart races.  Ideas begin to flow…. FLOSS…really well…plaque has to weigh something….no makeup….shave your legs….no hair product….

That’s when my baby boy walks in and chuckles, “Mom you’re gonna lose weight just trying to find clothes to wear!  If you don’t do good, just start fresh next week.”

That one comment turned it all around for me.  I was shaken to reality.  A ten year old has more common sense about him than I do.

How much can all this scrambling save me….a few ounces?

I calmed myself down, showered, and prepared to go face the music.  Pay the piper.  I can avoid it no longer.

Gained, lost, or hold my own….

I’m gonna hold my head up high, stand up straight, shoulders back, eyes on the scale…..with extra clean teeth, freshly shaved legs, and my flimsiest of bras.  After all, I may be over my moment of insanity, but this fat chick is not completely stupid.

Wish me luck…..


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Fat Chick on a Diet

Healthy eating.  Lifestyle change.  Cutting down.


I call it a D I E T!

I’m a fat chick.  I have pretty well embraced that about myself.  But then a reality TV show changed my opinion.  Watching these really big folks try to lose…literally hundreds of pounds….I decided I might better take this fat issue a little more seriously.

Being the spur of the moment kinda gal I am…..on an impulse…….I posted on Facebook inquiring about interest in starting a weight loss support group in our town.  Yep.  My head says that is a smart move.  My drive to eat whatever I want is mocking me and calling me a big ole  IGNORAMUS!!   That one moment of weakness, one little post in a time of recklessness,  has turned into me leading up a support group in our town.  That means a firm commitment to get this weight off, exercise regularly,  AND I weighed in front of one of my dearest friends.

So, here I sit…eating a bowl of spinach, 1/2 a serving of  Special K cracker chips,  and a glass of water with a teaspoon of Splenda ……and I’m seriously considering gnawing off my right arm.  I know, that might be a little dramatic, but crankiness set in a while ago.  My head hurts, my tummy is growling, and the food addict in me tells me this is just too hard.

It’s time to grow up.

Get a grip.

No turning back now.

This is where the rubber meets the road……

it’s do or die…..

take no prisoners……

Well, unless, they have snacks.

Ok, ok….no prisoners.






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