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Random Raves, Rants, and Ridiculousness

It’s the new year and I must say it has gotten off to a ridiculously amazing start.  Not that anything big has happened, or my problems have dissolved into thin air, or that my life is finally free from calamity and perpetual busy-ness……. but somehow I feel at peace with the chaos.  And to top it all off……….the kids and hubby are in bed.  I am left alone, drinking coffee, left with a mind moving 90 to nothing, wound up like a three day clock.  You know what that means………

Drum roll, puhleeezeeeeee……………….


You get a random list!   And not just any random list…but one that includes rants, raves, and yes, even some ridiculousness!  I’m so proud of my alliteration!

♠  I just absolutely LOVE eating Shredded Mini-Wheats.  Healthy and yummy. I began eating them because I was on the quest to eat healthier.  And I thought the fiber would be great for my digestive system.  No one bothered to tell me that you have to drink PILES and PILES of water in order to get the maximum fiber benefit.  What I have found out the hard way is the fiber basically serves as a huge cork when you don’t drink enough water.  Since I don’t drink a lot of anything, this serves as a serious problem.  Since I’m not a bottle of wine, I really don’t need a cork.  Yea, I know.  Too much information.  Sorry.

♣  I heard Drew Barrymore is giving up vegetarianism because her new fiance’ is a meat and potatoes kinda guy.  Really?  Fickle much?  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE me some meat and potatoes, but giving up your own beliefs because of your boyfriend?  Shallow as a wading pool, right there.

Unless your fiance’ wants to eat them.  Then it’s, like, totally ok.

♥ Apparently, dogs will actually EAT anything.  For real.  Chew it up and swallow it.  ANYTHING.  Unfortunately their bodies are not as eager to digest said items and can result in serious illness.  Two weeks of a puking dog and $487 later, I think mine will live.  Oh, this was a three for one (lessons learned, that is).  Lesson two is I cannot live with the thought of living without my dog.  Which makes me a prime target for the vet.  Lesson three… My dog’s puke doesn’t stink, which greatly aids in cleaning up puke all over the house.  Too bad I can’t say that for what comes out the other end.

♦ Hollywood has completely run dry on creative talent.  Seriously, how many more remakes can they make before they run slap out?  There are very few original plots for movies these days.  Everything is a remake.  Those that aren’t remakes, for the most part, are simply filled with vulgarities and perversion.  The days of a good story seem to be gone.  *Sigh*

♠  Cereal is better eaten in a cup.  I don’t know why and I have tried to figure it out, with no luck.  All I know is cereal tastes better when served in a cup.  Try it.  You’ll see, I’m right.

♣  Facebook is without a doubt, hands-down the fastest, most efficient way to spread news.  News can go viral in record time via Facebook.  It’s important to note the rate of speed is directly related to the level of drama involved in said news. There is no better source for up to the minute obituaries, relationship statuses, weather info, local gossip, and even real live news.  Forget CNN.  Check your Facebook for the latest in news updates!

♥ Did you notice my bulletin points are the symbols for playing cards?  How cool is that?  Well, ok.  Maybe not THAT cool, but at least it IS different.

Elin Nordegren (aka Tiger Woods‘ ex-wife) just demolished the$12 million home she purchased earlier this year.  Her architects and builders say it made more economical sense to demolish and rebuild a new mansion siting the house was not built to withstand hurricanes.  Later, it was also found the house was infested with termites.  Hmmmmmm……….wouldn’t that be something you would check into before you paid TWELVE MILLION??  That money could go a long way to do some good in this world.  I realize she was cheated on and humiliated for the whole world to see.  But she just turned herself into as big an idiot as that ex of hers.  Now she plans to rebuild a new house that will probably cost even more. Ridiculous!

$12 million.  Demolished.  For real.

I just realized I forgot to publish this post this last night.  So here I sit, in the middle of the afternoon, tired from staying up too late, strung out on coffee.  I think should add a nap to my list before publishing.  Now that’s something to RAVE about!


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It’s NOT an option!

A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.   –Luke 6:45


Have you ever had someone say something to you that really stung your heart?

Something that cut you to the core?

How many times have you replayed those words in your head?

Words are powerful.  They can heal.  And they can hurt.

That old saying ……’Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.’

It’s a bunch of bologna!

The words we speak to others can be poison to the soul.  A wound heals, but words inflicted on another can be replayed over and over and over again in someone’s mind.

As I scrolled through my Facebook feed last night, I found profanities.  Vulgarities.  Even threats.  From teens and adults alike!  The Bible tells us that the words that flow from our mouth comes from the overflow of the heart.  It’s a reflection into your soul.

As Christians, we are called and even commanded to be Christ-like.  It’s not an option!  The second greatest commandment is this:






–Matthew 22:39

That’s a pretty tall order. But the Bible gives us very real, very specific direction on how to live.  God knows what’s best for us.  And when we follow His guidance, His direction, we cannot fail.

As you go through the day today, be aware of the power of your words.  What does the overflow of your heart look like?  Do walk through your day inflicting wounds to the souls of others?  Do your words reflect Christ-like attitudes or are you making Satan smile with your verbal vomit? Do you love your neighbor?  Or do you gossip about them, tear them down, and belittle?

Today, commit to be an encourager.  An up-lifter.  A light in someone’s day.  Let the words from your mouth be like a blanket to the soul.  Love your neighbor.  Even the ones that are hard to love.

The same way Christ loves us.


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Technology Free Time

Facebook logo

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I’ve had enough.  Enough of Facebook.  Enough of my time being robbed by it’s presence in my home, always consuming my attention.   My family is made up of a bunch of technology junkies.  Facebook.  Video games.  TV.   And it’s robbing of us of real life.  I realized it was a real problem several weeks ago. Well, truth be known, I realized it a LONG time ago.  But I enjoy denial.  It’s comfy there.

There are some family members I keep in contact with via Facebook that I rarely see.  It’s a great tool for staying in touch with them.  I also use it to communicate with my youth group about upcoming events.  So, it’s not as easy as just de-activating my account.   There are a lot of good things about Facebook.  But too often, it only serves as a time zapper.  So, I began to wean myself away.  And it’s worked.  I was spending an ungodly amount of time there.  And I have not missed it.  It’s somewhat like getting off sugar.  Once you get it out of your system, you stop craving it.   I check it briefly twice a day and hop right back off.  That’s MAJOR for me.

That little taste of freedom has led me to want more.  Last week, the kids had a rough homeschool day.  They just flat didn’t want to work.  It was a long, frustrating day.  In return for their slight efforts, I took away all technology privileges that evening.  NO technology of any kind until the next day.  NO computer.  NO TV.  NO Facebook.  NO video games.  NO iPod.  No cell phones.  NO technology.

As much as I would like to tell you it was easy, I would be lying.  It was tough.  I was about ready to hurt someone for a little laptop time myself.  But by night’s end, the convulsions and shakes subsided.  And I realized we had spent more time, visiting and laughing than we had in a long time.  We played board games.  Read excerpts to each other from our favorite books.  Told corny jokes.  I felt like I had been re-introduced to my family.

So, now, I want more.  After all, I’m an addict by nature.  I’m pondering the idea of giving up technology at least half the time in our home. To avoid a mutiny, the hubby and I decided we would try one evening a week…tech free.

I’m excited!

I’m anxious to see the difference this will make in our lives.

For the better.


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Potential Productive Power!

Potential Productive Power!



It’s a big word.  Yes, indeedy.

The definition of productivity:  the quality of being productive.

That REALLY helps.  Don’t you just love definitions that use the word to define itself?

Ok, the definition of productive:  capable of producing; yielding favorable or useful results, constructive.

After reading about how to be more productive through a featured blog on Freshly Pressed…..I felt it was time to re-evaluate my own productivity.  I should compare the tips and tricks found in the article to my own life and see what I need to change.  After all, who doesn’t want to be more productive?

It was a total and complete confidence crusher. Putting myself next to this super woman just made me feel like a big fat failure.  And why should I compare myself to others anyway?  I’m awesome just the way I am.  Right?

Since today is Friday, I am determined to feel totally confident, productive, and useful….whether it’s true or not.

With that being said, I have come up with some conclusions and tips regarding my own productivity.  I just know folks will be clamoring to get their hands on these useful tips and put them to work in their own lives.  And be warned…….it’s all good.  Positive.  Uplifting.  Encouraging.  All, in honor of Friday.  Cause who needs a Debbie Downer on Friday??

  • I set my alarm clock two hours before time for me to get up.  This way, when the alarm goes off, I can hit that snooze button over and over and over and over and over again.  When I do get up, I feel like I’ve accomplished sleeping late.  Already, a win for me.  Extra sleep!!  Woohoo!

  • Not only have I been seriously productive in GAINING an extra two hours of sleep, I also am impressed with a bit of urgency.  Who wouldn’t after hitting the snooze for two hours?  This in turn, causes me to rush through my shower and getting dressed because I’ve completely exhausted any extra time I might have had if I hadn’t had all that extra sleep.  Rushing saves time……more time saved…..  Productivity WIN!


  • I drink a minimum of three cups of coffee and swallow a handful of B12 first thing in the morning.  This gives me an added boost of energy to combat my early morning grumps and gives me the appropriate amount of shakes to help me avoid the desire to sit on the couch.  After all, wearing lounge wear  half the day is very relaxing.  Ok.  Lounge wear is just code for PJ pants.  But doesn’t lounge wear sound so much more professional rolling off the tongue?

  • Make a To-Do List of all the things you need to accomplish.  I’m a list lover.  So I really get into this one.  Grocery list.  Honey Do list.  Cleaning list.  Spring cleaning list.  Christmas list.  Wish list.  Bucket List.  By the time I finish making these lists and look them over, I am absolutely amazed I was able to fight my ADHD long enough to complete them.  Talk about a feeling of accomplishment!!

  • The TV must stay off!!
  • But, in the event of an emergency, just in case I have a weak moment,  I flip Netflix to a TV series that I am in no way interested in.  And I play each episode.  That way my non-interest can last all day long. If I just happen to fall into the grips of it’s addictive prowess, I have accomplished watching an entire season by days end.  Now THAT’S productivity!!
Image representing Netflix as depicted in Crun...

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  • To achieve maximum productive potential for the day, walk away from the laptop.
  • But, again, just in case of emergency…… place the laptop in your lap.  Just hear me out.  Sure you could waste time scrolling through the newsfeed on Facebook….refreshing every couple of minutes for the latest status updates.  Such a misuse of your time.  And time is precious. I will let you in on my secret, because you are here.  Reading my blog.  Making me feel even more productive.  So I owe you.  It’s a precious, valuable secret.  Open multiple pages in your browser window.  Facebook on one, Pinterest on another.  Don’t forget YouTube.  Oh, and don’t forget your email.  While waiting for pages to refresh, bounce back and forth between them all.  This completely maximizes your online potential, makes you feel really busy, and truly a productive and useful member of society.

Now, it will take a LOT of practice.  Don’t feel discouraged.  You CAN do this.  Productivity can be your middle name.  Practice makes perfect.  That’s what some old lady told me once.  So practice these tips and tricks.  Once you get them down, you will be ready for the big Kahuna.

What’s the big Kahuna, you ask?  Well, since it’s Friday, and because I completely reek of awesomeness, I am happy to share.  But it’s our little secret.  Ok?

To seriously achieve the BE ALL,  END ALL of productiveness……..

put the laptop into your lap…..

manage multiple windows…….

WHILE watching Netflix……

in your pajamas……

while drinking a tall cup of coffee……

and keep that To-Do List next to you with a pen handy.

That’s true PRODUCTIVITY POWER, right there!

After all, those stinkin’ lists just keep growing for some reason.

I thought about trying to figure that one out, but I’m too busy productively being productive.


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Welcome Back, Old Friends

Tonight, I am supposed to be getting my bags packed for a quick trip to Houston tomorrow.  My mom and I are going to a wake.  Although this trip has been spurred on by the sadness of the loss of a friend, it will be nice to take a break from the everyday.  Any time away from the kids gives a welcome break.

We leave early in the morning.  Yet, here I sit, reading blogs, checking Facebook, strolling through today’s pins on Pinterest.  As if I have nothing to do.

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

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Nothing is packed.  In fact, I’m not even sure what clothes I am taking, what shoes I will wear.

I don’t even know if my traveling PJs are clean.  Or if the tee that matches them is clean.  Or where to find matching house shoes,  thanks to that puppy of mine.

It’s 8:30pm.   I drive out in less than 12 hours.

And I’ve got NOTHING.

I thought about getting busy and getting after my packing so I can actually get some sleep tonight and be rested for the drive. I even began the process (in my mind) of thinking through what I might wear.

8:45.  NOTHING.

But then I remembered I have a new purse.

A stylish, brown purse.

Of course, I can think of nothing to wear that matches this purse.  Well, that’s not completely true.  I can think of nothing I WANT to wear that matches.  And if I take the brown purse, then I have to wear brown.  My brown clothes aren’t very dressy.  I don’t want to be too casual.  I’m going to a wake.

9:00 and NOTHING has been packed.

Then, I begin to think about what jewelry I want to wear.  And although I really have no idea what jewelry I WANT to wear, I just know that it won’t match the brown purse…. Which I am now madly in LOVE with.  I wonder if I have enough extra money to buy a new outfit, with new jewelry that will match the purse.

9:15 and I’ve still got  NOTHING.

The one thing I’m sure of is the brown purse.  It’s a done deal.  I’m taking it.

As I begin to think through moving all my treasures into the beautiful brown bag, I realize I have no cash.  I need to go to the ATM so I will have cash for the trip.

ATM at the secretary of state in Portage, MI

Image via Wikipedia

I also need to put out a meal to thaw for tomorrow.  The kids and hubby have to eat while I’m gone.  I ponder over what is easiest.

Then Bernie begins to sniff, and I know that if I don’t get up and take him out, I will definitely be sorry.

9:25.  Yep, you guessed it.  NOTHING.

As I walk through the kitchen, I see dishes piled in the sink.  If I leave them there tonight, they will be there waiting on me still…on Friday.  Two long days later.  YUCK. I better clean the kitchen.

Cleaning the kitchen reminds me that I better wash a load of towels, too.

While putting clothes on, I find a CD in the pocket of a jacket.

9:45.  Nada.  Zilch.  NOTHING.

I head to the car to put the CD away only to realize what an absolute mess it is in.  Yet another chore I need to do.

I run into the house to get a trash bag (I said it was an ABSOLUTE MESS), and I stumble upon my brown purse sitting on the kitchen table.

That’s when it hits me.


10:00.  Still NOTHING packed.  NOTHING ready.  NOTHING accomplished.

All I have managed to do is make a mental to-do list that I will never be able to finish.

Welcome back old friend, ADHD.

Glad you brought your buddy Procrastination with you.

Oh, that reminds me.  I pinned something about procrastination on Pinterest…….








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It’s Not You, It’s Me

It’s Not You, It’s Me


You have completely turned my life upside down.

As I think back on those first awkward moments we had together, I smile.  I was so innocent.  I was different.  Our relationship has changed me forever, that’s for sure.

You have filled my days (and nights) with happiness and joy.

When I was alone, you were there.

When nobody else would listen, you were there.

It’s been fun.  No, it’s been a blast.  Before you came along, my days were quiet…. and a tad bit boring.  You changed that for me.   Suddenly I not only enjoyed your company, but I anticipated our time together.  When I was with you, I could be myself.   I came as I was, and you accepted me.  No judgment.  I dare anyone to find a better listener.  You have never too busy to hear me, and stay with me until I was ready to let go.  You have been a companion like no other.

But I’m afraid I gave you too much of me.  Bit by bit, you became more demanding.  Wanting more.  Needing more attention.  And now, I’m just not so interested.  Maybe a break is what we need.  Yes, that’s it.  Just a break.  A time out.  I just don’t deserve you.  I wish I could be what you need.  But I’ve spent so much time consumed with you, devoted to you, I am missing out on other things in life.  It’s time for me to take some time to reflect, prioritize, and make some serious decisions about where I’m going in life.

Maybe if we see others, that would give us some perspective.  And, after all, the old saying goes….If you love something, set it free.   And I DO love you.  More than I should.  So it’s time.  I am going to set you free.  Don’t worry.  If we are truly meant to be, you will come back to me.  I need to explore other relationships.  I know, I know.  I will be sorry.

You’ll always be my first love.  I’ll always love you, Facebook.

But Pinterest has caught my eye.  I know it’s not right.  But I just can’t take my mind off of it.  It’s probably just a phase.  I pray you’ll take me back.  Right now, this is what I must do.  Don’t fret, I’ll still visit.  We can still be friends.

Breaking up is hard to do, but just remember…

It’s not you.  It’s me.



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All Friday Nights are NOT Created Equal

The weekend is finally about to make it’s appearance.

Fridays MUST be good days.

It’s written in stone, on bathroom walls, and on Facebook pages worldwide.  There is even a restaurant named in honor of the weekly, cherished day.  Fridays are dependable.  If you manage to breathe and survive the day, Fridays guarantee a night for all frivolity, laying up, partying, hanging out, vegging out….whatever floats your boat.  My Friday has been decent.  Fairly respectable.  And it’s not over yet.  To make my night even more supreme, I have no plans looming overhead.  Not only a free Friday, but a free weekend!!  Whoop!  Whoop!!

As I am preparing for a night of doing as little as possible, I gather all the necessities for a fabulous Friday on the home front.  Books I am trying to finish up, my camera (A girl must always be prepared to capture those spontaneous moments.), my new ‘Teach Myself How to Crochet’ book with all needed materials to drive myself mad, and a tall glass of Diet A&W Cream Soda.  YUM.


The phone rings and it’s baby boy #2, Adam.  My first thought is YAY!  He wants to talk to his momma.  He moved out in August to go to college, so Adam calling to talk to his momma is a big deal.  He asks how the family is doing.  He makes an appropriate amount of small talk. Deep down inside, I knew it was coming.  A few minutes into the conversation I stumble upon the purpose of the call.

Do we have an upgrade available on our phones?

Yep, I knew it.  Too good to be true.  I guess that old saying ‘Money keeps you in touch with your kids,‘ is true.  No phone calls just to say hi.  How are you, mom?  Nope.  Too busy for that.  But time can always be found to investigate the possibility of an upgrade.  Actually this makes me wanna do much more than say something………but Momma always said if you can’t say something nice…..

Oh, and that upgrade?   I think I’ll think about it until….well, until somebody starts calling his momma regularly just to ask how SHE is without ulterior motives.  It might be a while.

Determined I’m going to make this Friday night the best yet, I shake it off.  I have supreme nothingness to achieve.  I’m on a mission.  And nothing’s gonna stop me.  So, I sit back down.  Just about the time I get comfy.  I hear it.  Those dreaded words….

What’s for supper??

Really?  Do I WANT to cook supper tonight?  NO way.  A To-Do List was not part of the necessary items for a Fabulous Friday.  In fact, I consider cooking to be the opposite of fabulous.  It’s dreadful.

BUT….. I’m the only one in this house who knows how to thaw out meat.  The kids are circling like vultures waiting for roadkill to die on the side of the road.  I’m on a d.i.e.t. so eating out is out of the realm of possibilities.  And my hubby has been sitting here, as I type,  looking at me like he might just fall over from starvation. I guess I have no choice.

Cooking is on the agenda. 


Oh, and the hubby also needs me to wash his uniforms because he forgot to take them in to be picked up.



I  ♥  laundry. 


I think I need to send out a memo.  The Friday night gods created all Friday nights equal…. or was that the constitution and men created equal?  Who knows?  For my purposes, it’s Friday nights.

Which means my Friday night should be just as awesome as their Friday night.  It should me my night off to do whatever I please, whenever I please, however I please.  Without interruptions such as hungry children and pitiful looking husbands who need clean clothes.  I think all moms out there should come together.  Unite in solidarity.  And do nothing every Friday night.  Yep, that’s it.



Until then, I guess I’ll have to get up and stir something up to feed the vultures, get the laundry going,  and check out the possibility of an upgrade on the cell phones.  Somewhere in there,  MAYBE I’ll get to that fabulous Friday night.

But then, again, someone will need to clean the kitchen.  So much for the Friday night gods.  I think I’m just the village idiot in their Friday night comedy show.

But that’s ok.  Doing chores gives me time to think.  And me thinking could be dangerous.

Here’s to women everywhere….uniting….. to plot revenge against the Friday night gods.  Let me know if you want to join. 



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