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Just What I Needed, Just in Time

Devotion for youth/blog
Devotion with kids
Pick up trash in yard (Left a bag out and the animals paid a visit.  Yay.)
Re-organize your desk. (The prefix, RE is important here…..implies a repetitive action.  Meaning I can’t keep it organized…. *rolls eyes*)
Prepare lunch
Play cards with the kids
Purge bookshelf and pack away for yard sale
Mop bathroom.  Again
Clean bedside table
Study lesson for youth tomorrow at church
Prepare dinner.  Fajitas
Call ATT about Stephen’s phone
Pay car note.  Don’t forget!
Mop kitchen.  Again. 
Make grocery list.
Organize entertainment cabinet.

This is my to-do list for today.  Let me repeat.  This is my TO-DO LIST for TODAY!  As I look back over my list, I am completely overwhelmed.  Yesterday was a good day.  I made my list, felt really good about it, tackled it with fervor and gusto.  Yesterday I was productive.  Yesterday I worked my patooty off.

Today, I feel tired.  Overwhelmed.  Frustrated.  Today, I am on the verge of wanting to throw myself a pity party.  After all, check out that list.  And if truth be known, that’s not all I need to accomplish today.  Today, just looking at the list makes it hard to breathe.

I see nothing on the list that is about me.

What about adding a pedicure to the list?  I desperately need one.  There’s no time OR budget for that.

What about curling up with a good book?  It would be hard to focus with the kids constantly needing me.

What about a girls’ night out?  Get away from it all?  The hubby wouldn’t be thrilled about that.  Who would cook supper?  Besides, I haven’t talked to my ‘girls’ in so long, I’m not sure they remember who I am.

I toss my arms in the air in frustration.  I begin to become annoyed and agitated over the simplest things.  Someone is constantly needing something from me.  Chores are constantly calling me.

Doesn’t anyone see what all I do for them?  Don’t they appreciate anything?

That’s when the still small voice whispers, “I understand.  I love you.”

And my world begins to spin.  Just like that.

I am reminded of my amazing God who is mighty to save.  He who can move mountains, was there.  Listening to me complain.  He who commands the universe was there.  Listening to me whine.  He who created the heavens and the earth was there.  Watching me throw a full-blown pity party.

I’m sure my pitiful moaning, whining, and complaining were pretty pathetic in the eyes of my Lord.

But instead of scolding, I heard Him say, “I understand.  I love you.”

Instead of turning from me in frustration, He wrapped me in His love and comfort.  Reminding me of how my love and comfort are important for those I serve.

He does understand not being appreciated.  He does understand doing and doing and doing for others and getting nothing in return. He does understand giving your all to others, only to hear more demands.  More needs. More wants.

Suddenly, as I look back over my list, I realize I forgot to add quiet time to it.  With all I had to do, I had forgotten to make an appointment with my Rock.  My Strength.  My Love.  My Savior.

No wonder I feel overwhelmed!  I haven’t fueled up on God’s goodness. Quickly, I grab my Bible, my iPad (for worship tunes), and I fall to the couch.  I forget about the list.  I forget about all I have to do today because I realize without Him…. without His encouragement, I will accomplish nothing.

That’s how it happened.  Just like that.  God swooped in and gave me just what I needed, just in time.

I am re-fueled and ready to face my day.  I am energized and eager to tackle the tasks ahead.  The list is toast.  When God is with me, who can be against me?

My perspective has now changed.  Those items on my list, I will do to honor Him.  To be a good wife and mother.  To train my kids in the way they should go.  To serve my Lord.

After all, He’s done for me.  That’s the least I can do for Him.

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Got Sin??

Got sin??

I have more than my fair share it seems. I’m always struggling with sin of some kind in my life. Usually, I find I’m a repeat offender with particular sins. I try really hard to overcome, but I fail. I pray and tell God with a sincere heart I want to do better. But, then, I give in and do it again.

If we were truly honest with ourselves, there is not one person out there who can not relate to this problem. So, what’s the problem? We know when we indulge in something that is bad for us. Unhealthy. Immoral. Unwise. We may have even prayed about it. Asked forgiveness, and committed to not go back there. But we do. We find ourselves knee deep in sin. Yet, we often jump right back into sin as if we don’t know better. Why??

Sin is a hard thing and that’s putting it mildly. It’s something we will all struggle with til the day we die. For myself, I find that part of the problem is I don’t use the tools God has given me.

He has given me a weapon to use to fight sin. It’s called the Bible.

The Bible is filled with instructions for life. God knows how we struggle with sin. He also gives us the help we need to overcome it. The Bible has ALL the answers. It can lift your heart in times of trouble and sorrow. It can bring you joy amidst the worst of times. And it gives you the guidance you need to be a God follower. It tells you how to handle tough situations that face you. It even tells you how to fight sin.

In order to even attempt to overcome sin in our life, we must jump into God’s word. Whatever you are struggling with, the answers are there. Lust, lying, anger, humiliation, financial woes, greed…it’s all there. I could go on and on. But you

get the picture. That Bible was meant for more than being a book end and gathering dust. It is filled with life’s instructions.

Bible Study 2
Image by DrGBB via Flickr

Today, pick it up. Open it up. And see what God has to say

about sin and how to overcome it. You don’t cook without a pan and utensils. You don’t play football without the proper equipment. We don’t send soldiers to war without weapons for the battle. Don’t go through life with a Bible, sitting on a shelf. Pick it up, read it, and hide its words in your heart…and you will find you have more of God, more strength for the battles, and less sin.

I have hidden you word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.    —-Psalm 119:11

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