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Enthusiasm Mandatory

Whatever you do, do it enthusiastically, as something done for the Lord and not for men.       —-Colossians 3:23 HCSB

Have you ever met someone who is always smiling?  Always pleasant?  Always perky?

What about the perpetual grump?  No matter how good things are, they can always find something to gripe and moan about?

Who would you rather spend time with?

You see, our attitudes are contagious.  They spread like a stomach virus in an elementary school.  No matter how hard you try to shield yourselves from negativity, it has an effect on you.  On your outlook.  On your attitude.  On your day.  Even on how you relate to others.  Your attitude and outlook can be poison to others and to yourself.  It effects everything you do.

The Bible tells us whatever we do, do it enthusiastically.  As if we are doing it for the Lord.

That’s all fine and good, but ……Whatever we do?  Everything? Even chores?  Even work?  Even the mundane?  Truth be told, I often do things out of sheer obligation.  Not because I want to…. I just can’t say I enthusiastically do the laundry.  Or wash dishes.   Well, you get the picture.

I decided to look up enthusiasm to see just what this means.  Surely when I go about my chores, I don’t need to flit around like Mary Poppins?

Enthusiasm = optimism, devotion, eagerness, conviction, fervor, zeal

Ouch.  Although I’m not convinced flitting in Mary Poppins fashion is mandatory, it is mandatory to do whatever is set before us with zeal and optimism and devotion and eagerness.

I’m pretty sure this cancels out a poor attitude.  Even working with apathy.  The Bible says I must care.  I must be eagerly devoted to everything I do, not just my play and recreation, but everything.   I must do it as if I was doing it for God personally.  Yes, that even means the laundry.

So, today, as I wash another mountain of laundry, scrub a few toilets, mop the floors, and cook dinner for the family….. Today, when I go to send off the payment for that ticket I got last week…… Today, when I go wash the van for our upcoming trip, I will work with an optimistic attitude.

And you know, I believe God’s love will have the optimum opportunity to shine through my life.  And isn’t that why we are here?  To share God’s love?

Today, I challenge you to do all you do enthusiastically.  I bet others notice.  People will wonder where your joy comes from.  It will give you an opportunity to show God’s love.  To witness without words.   And it just might do your heart good, too.

Happy Friday, ya’ll!

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Not-so-favorite things of the day…

I’m kinda in a mood tonight.  Nothing has happened.  Nothing is wrong.  It’s just been one of those blah days.  So, as much as I like to be positive about life, tonight, I just can’t muster up a positive post.  I’m giving in, and turning myself over to the dark side.  Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll be back to sunshine and daisies tomorrow.  For now, I want to revel in my negativity.  Here goes….it’s a list of my Not-so-favorite things of the day.

  • FB drama….not mine, but drama just the same.
  • Saturday house cleaning.  Who thought up this idea, anyway??  Cleaning on Saturday???  What were they thinking?  Geeezz……..oh, wait.  That was me.  Ooops.
  • Hot dogs for lunch.  YUCK.
  • A quiet moment presented itself for a nap, but no, not me……. my mind was going 90 to nothing.  Nap time wasted on thinking!
  • Dirty cars.  Namely, mine.  It’s junked out.  It needs cleaning.  No I didn’t get around to it.  Yes, we will be going to church in it.  Yee-haw.
  • Laundry.  Adam and Eve are to blame for this.  We could all still be walking around naked and have NO laundry to do if they had just obeyed.  But now that I think about it, nobody wants to see me naked anyway.  Maybe laundry isn’t such a bad thing after all.
  • People who claim they are always broke (to the point of needing help with school clothes for their kids)……….but then manage to pay their way in to the local bar AND post it on FB.  Really??
  • Lastly, my least favorite thing of the day…………my ATTITUDE!

Thank the Lord tomorrow’s a new day.  Looking forward to a new attitude and outlook.  It’s good to know God still loves me even when I’m in an unlovable mood!

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