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Random Nothingness

My ADHD is kicked into high gear today, so each time I try to write, I basically come up with a lot of random nothingness. I almost gave up, but then (with my positive outlook) realized all that nothingness just might add up to a laugh or two…..and that makes it worth posting. So here we go….

Random thoughts of the day…..

  • I am so scatterbrained, I have to put things into ‘safe spots’. The only problem is I then forget where the safe spot is. If I ever find it, I will hit the jackpot!
  • Boys are really hard on toilets. Enough said.
  • Victoria Secret’s Love Spell is the best shower gel EVER. Which brings me to my next thought….
  • I need a pedicure!!! Badly!!
  • I love to organize, but am by nature a slob. So, I spend hours organizing things into wonderful systems of order only to spend minutes destroying said system. And yes, I know that was a bit redundant. If I can deal with it running through my head, you can deal with reading it.
  • My tolerance today for whining today is minimal. I’m not sure if this is because of the devotion I wrote about complaining/whining or if it’s simply because I am in a whiny mood myself. It’s probably the latter.
  • Tony Romo needs to go. I have no authority with which to base this on. I am not a football person. In fact I know almost nothing about the sport. BUT, until the Cowboys get rid of Romo, they will be losers. Mark it down.
  • I am not a morning person. I just wasn’t wired for mornings. Since I had to get up extra early this morning for an event, I went to bed EARLY where I lay WIDE AWAKE worrying over the possibility of over-sleeping the next morning. Sometime in the wee hours, I finally fell asleep, but woke up intermittently through the night worrying over sleeping in AGAIN. I spent all my time worrying over sleep I never got.
  • I am currently conducting an experiment to see how long you can make a package of M&Ms last. I figure that if I only have one at a time, letting it melt in mouth, the calories have time to dissipate before entering my system. I think I might be on to something. I could make millions!
  • Lastly, I used to wish for that knight in shining armor to come along and treat me like a princess. But I now realize this ain’t no fairy tale and I will never be a princess, so I better get up and cook us up some supper or we will all go hungry. Not that it would hurt us any, but why chance it?
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A Pufferfish-kind-of Day


Funny.  Wild.  Irresponsible.  Crazy.  Boisterous.  Loving.  Obnoxious.  Clumsy.  Bull-headed.  Fun. Calamity.  Obsessive.  Lazy.  Hyper.  Intelligent.  Goofy.  Caring.  Hilarious.  Stubborn.  Full of Life.  These are just a few words that roll off the top of my head to describe my third child, Cameron.  He is now 15 and taller than me.  Cameron has kept my life interesting to say the least.  He is around the clock entertainment.  He loves to make people laugh and he is very good at it.  He loves to have fun and spends most of his time on a mission to accomplish as much fun as he can cram into any one moment.  Of course, as a mom that can be exhausting.  All that fun somehow manages to push out any hopes for responsibility, growing up….you know all the nonfun things in life.  He HATES school.  He’s just one of those kids who doesn’t fit into a box.  As refreshing as that can be, it’s also burdensome at times.  None of the usual things are important to Cameron.  Grades……..who needs em?  Chores…….what’s the point?  Work?  Does it have anything to do with fun?  So, for the past 15 years, I have spent much time in prayer.  Prayer for this vibrant, full of life, baby of mine to realize a good balance is needed.  You know that sometimes you do things you don’t want to do just because it’s the right thing.  It’s always been like talking to a brick wall to teach him these things.  Then, tonight.  A glimmer of hope.Just about the time I give up all hope that Cameron will actually grow up and get truly serious about anything, it happened.  Just like that.  Out of the blue.

My mom was over for dinner tonight.  We were all gathered around the TV pondering what we should watch on Netflix.  Grandma suggested Dexter, some TV series I had never watched.  That’s when time stood still for just a moment.  Cameron says, “Grandma, I think that Mom might not appreciate us watching that with Stephen and Braedon here.”  There it was.  I responded, “Cameron!”  He looked at me nonchalantly and said, “Well, Mom I remember a few pretty bad things in that show and I just don’t think we want the boys watching it.”  I often think that boy lives to give me something for my prayer list.  The more he keeps me guessing, the bigger he smiles.  But, tonight, he let it slip.  Tonight, he gave me something for my praise list.   He IS learning and even buying into the important things in life.  That boy who loves to keep me on my toes and can make me laugh when I’m so mad I could eat ten penny nails……..he is growing up.  My chest swells with pride.  Alright, I am  blown up like a pufferfish.   Today was a good day.


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