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Today has been some kinda day!  Busy every moment.  Yes, EVERY moment.  It has been chaotic!   Til now.  Yay!

Since I used up all my emotional energy, my thinking cap is burnt out, and I’m just plain ole tired, I decided to bless you with a random list!

Druuummmmmm roll, puh-leeeze!!

♥  Tonight was our church Thanksgiving meal.  Food was everywhere.  Seriously.  Tons. of. food.  But you know what was the absolute BEST thing about it??  My boys telling me (on the way home), “I just didn’t like anything they had except the dumplings, cobbler, and acorn cookie thingies.”  What’s the big deal about that??  Momma made all of those things!!  And believe me, we have some master cooks in our church.  So that’s a HUGE compliment!  Momma is rocking the kitchen….. and by Momma, I mean ME.  =D

♥  Speaking of acorn cookie thingies….. I made two things I found on Pinterest.  Yessirreee, Bob.  I made the acorn thingies AND pilgrim hats.  I was really hoping to get a pic, but since we were running last minute finishing them, I didn’t.  And they were all gone after the dinner.  Yay!

Pic from Pinterest…….but mine were adorable, too!

♥  I realize today I’m using the word YAY a bit too much.  But, it just really reflects my mood.  And since my ADHD is in overdrive, I just don’t want to try to come up with anything else.  At the risk of sounding redundant….YAY!

♥  I have got to get off my patooty and find my battery charger for my camera.  For some reason, I can never keep up with that thing.  Oh, wait, the reason is I’m totally scatterbrained.  Yep, that’s it.  Couldn’t keep up with my rear if it wasn’t attached at the hip.

♥  Pandas are seriously adorable creatures.  I have never seen one in real life.  It would probably be disappointing since their white fur would probably be filthy.  But they are still beautiful animals.  But my favorite are still flamingos.

♥  I don’t really watch the news much anymore.  It’s WAY depressing.  But my mom was telling me about this old pervert coach from Penn State who has been abusing young boys for YEARS.  So, I’ve just gotta say, every staff member and friend that knew about this crap and did nothing should be sent up the river with him.  Oh, and telling someone who did nothing is not enough.  You keep telling till someone does something.  Everyone of them………up the river.

♥  Some people crack me up.  Since this month is Thanksgiving, Facebook is over-run with thankful posts.  And yes, I’m posting them too.  Don’t judge.  It’s not a bad thing.  But what cracks me up are people who actually post the same thing (with different wording) almost every day.  Some people have such tunnel vision that all they can see is themselves.  So they just keep saying the same things over and over and over.  Oh, oh….and how about the “I’m thankful for my dad, sis, bro, mom, dog, son, daughter, house, job, and car.  That will do for the first half of the month.”  Seriously?  Are you really thankful?

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

♥  And then there’s THOSE  OTHER people.  You know, the ones who apparently have nothing better to do than sit around count how many times someone has posted the same thankful post.  And then they have the nerve to rate someone’s thankful heart just based on a stupid FB post.  Geeeeeeezzzzz, S.O.M.E.O.N.E. needs a life!

♥  Do pajamas really have to match?  I mean, does it really matter if my PJ pants and my top match?  When does it matter?  When I have company over?  When I go visit someone else?  Or never?  Really?  Is it important?

♥  And now my pet word must be really.  Just in case you didn’t notice.

♥  Hurley on Lost just needs to shave.  I don’t care if you’re stuck on a deserted island.  Just shave.  Dude, it’s really gross.  And hey, there was all kinds of junk in the wreckage.  Surely you can find something to shave with.  Jin is ALWAYS clean shaven.









Jin…like I said, ALWAYS clean shaven!




♥  Have I told you I get to go to the Dallas Cowboy football game on Thanksgiving Day?  Yep, I’m just that cool.  Gonna tailgate and everything!  Plus, the Black Friday sales start at 10pm Thanksgiving night.  Just makes me so excited I’m giddy.  I get butterflies just thinking about it.  Next week is gonna be good week.


♥  Speaking of Black Friday…….I better go browse the ads.  They are already online and I’ve taken a peek at them, but I need to start making a plan of attack list.  I would go into detail, but that’s definitely  for another post.  Besides, all I can think about now is….


So off I go!!!!!!!

Later Gator!!






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Ladie’s Road Trip!

A day away.  It was needed.  It was anticipated.  It was a HOOT!

Yesterday I loaded onto our church’s short bus on  a road trip with a bunch of ladies from the church….all of them older than me.  Most of them a LOT older than me.  But I’ve always been drawn to older people.  Most of my friends have always been older.  Plus, I’m a people watcher.  I love to watch people and how they interact with each other.  How they carry themselves.  Their expressions and moods.  Probably because I’ve never been good at meeting and interacting with folks I don’t know.  It’s hard for me to open up.  But once I do, a let it all hang out…. for better or worse, like it or not.

Some would look at our little group and think we have nothing in common.  After all, I was the only one who still has children at home.  In fact, some of these ladies have grown grandchildren.  I look at our little group and see a chance to learn.  Learn from these ladies about life.

So, I packed my bag, took my Dramamine (I get car sick VERY easily.), and loaded up.  My mom…you know her as Killa, joined us as well.  So a good day was ahead.  We had a complete array of personalities on our bus.  Dog lovers.  Straight-laced to no-lace-at-all. Crafty to handy.  Funny and serious.  We had a Martha in the group.  As in Stewart.  You know, Susie Homemaker.  A champion of all things home-making.  Actually, there were a few of those. I probably don’t need to tell you I am not one of them.  But, oh, how I would love to be!

The day was a blast.  We laughed, we talked, we enjoyed each other’s company, as well as a little shopping.  I traipsed into shops I would normally never enter.  Yes, they were a bit on the hoity, toity side. We ate lunch in someone’s home that could have come off the cover of Southern Living magazine.  I just knew I would drop something on the carpets or knock something over and break something more valuable than my own life.  I treaded ever so lightly.  Putting me in that environment was like putting a bull in a china closet.  Grace is just not a word used to describe me.  But then, I need a bit of refinement.  Ok, I need a LOT of refinement. I looked at it as a challenge.  Not to just escape without calamity (Which I did, by the way.  Go me!), but as an opportunity to let some of this grace and elegance rub off on me (Which it didn’t, by the way.)

All in all, the day was a success.  And in the midst of all these graceful ladies, I learned some things.  Some things you might never expect to learn from such a group on such a day.  I couldn’t help but share.

  • Did you know you CAN play Farkle in a hot tub?  I don’t have a hot tub, so I can’t try it.  But I think I will add this to my bucket list.  As clumsy as I am, I just can’t see myself making it.  But it would be fun to try!

  • I learned how to knit a toboggan with a hoopty loopty thing-a-ma-jig.  I was so interested in this, I made our pastor stop at Wal-Mart (which he despises) and let me go load up on yarn and the hoopty loopty thing-a-ma-jig.  As I type I am working on my second toboggan.  I love anything I can start and finish quickly.  ADHD doesn’t allow for long drawn out projects.  My family can all expect to get toboggans for gifts for every holiday from now until my obsession runs out.  That could be tomorrow or it could be a few years.  Who knows?

   A work in progress….on the hoopty loopty!

Braedon styling my first toboggan!  It was a little small, but I was pleased for my first! 

  • Decorating Christmas trees is a true art.  Of which I can only be a mere wanna-be.  Oh, and it’s a very expensive art.  Again, only a wanna-be will I ever be!
  • I’m not the only one who has kids that sometimes aren’t as thankful for their parents as they should be.  A good thing to understand when you are dealing with a child who has no appreciation for his raising.
  • One Dramamine for the day is NOT enough.  I MUST take one before heading home.  Otherwise, I will end up feeling green and pukey.  And that just doesn’t go well with the whole graceful thing.  Oh, in a pinch, you CAN chew it and swallow it.  But the taste is disgusting.

  • I never knew of all the options upon death.  Buried or cremated.  I never thought of how many options cremation could afford you.  The creativity of this one almost makes me pee my pants when I think of it……..  “When I die, I want to be cremated and my ashes put in Tom Selleck‘s underwear.”    True story.  I can’t claim it.  If I were gonna put my ashes in anyone’s underwear it would totally be Rob Lowe’s.  Although, Tom Selleck would definitely be in the running.

Needless to say, prim and proper or not……we had a blast!  Now, I have more knitting to do.  We may not have clean clothes thanks to this new obsession, but we will have toboggans to keep us warm!

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My Time in the Pen……Well, Almost!

I should have known something was bound to happen.  After all, who actually drives two hours, into the next state, to go to a decent Christian bookstore?  I also needed to go to a teacher supply store, but there is one of those closer to my home in the boondocks.  I realized I must be half crazy to do this, but I was determined.

As I headed out of our small town, for some strange reason I looked down toward the corner of the windshield that houses the registration and inspection sticker on my car….. only to realize they were both expired.  And not JUST expired by a day or two….but a whole month.  A slither of sanity trickled into my mind for a moment, but really…..would you rather make a trip to the courthouse or a large town that actually has a Chick-fil-A??  They have the best cole slaw.  And waffle fries?  YUM.  If you are really hanging on my every word (as you should be) you remember I said I only had a MOMENT of sanity.  So obviously, I chose Chick-fil-A.  Duh.

The munchkin tagged along with me today.  Just he and I.  Me and him.  Him and me.  Not sure which is correct, so that should cover it.  Did I tell you ADHD has a strong presence in my mind today?

Anyway, as we enter a small town about 30 miles up the highway, I say a quick prayer.  It’s not like me to drive illegal, much less drive to another state illegal.  I was being a daredevil today.  A rebel.  So a tad bit of worry crept in.  Of course, there was also the parking ticket fiasco hovering over head.

Years ago… more than 5….I received a parking ticket that was ‘given’ to me via a camera from downtown Dallas, Tx.  I live about 5 hours from downtown Dallas.  I was at work that day here in my hometown.  For months I tried to call and get this misunderstanding ‘fixed’….with no luck.  The number was for an automated system with no human in sight.  After trying to get a human at least once a week for a few months, I gave up.  I refused to pay a ticket that did not belong to me. And besides, I’m a daredevil anyway, right??

However, the fear is always there.  In the back of my mind.  What if they put a warrant out for my arrest?  If I were to get stopped, would that pop up on my record check?  Could it be possible that my 10 year old would get to watch his Youth Director mom get hauled into jail??  Worry almost turned into a complete panic attack.

I began to plan for my arrest in my mind…….my mom was out of town, so she couldn’t come pick up the Munchkin when they were hauling me off.  The hubby was out of town for work.  I would have to call my Pastor and his wife.  What a scandal that would be.  The talk of the town.   I wondered if I should smile for my mug shot.  They are always the worst pictures!  Would they handcuff me in front of the baby boy?  I was suddenly an outlaw!  My breathing began to get labored, I could feel beads of sweat on my back……

I snapped out of my nightmare, prayed a quick prayer that I might be spared being hauled off to jail today, turned up the music, and starting jamming. After all, I’m a rebel.  A daredevil.  I’m living life on the wild side!!

I wonder....would I look THIS HOT in jail???????????

That’s when it happened.  As I topped the hill, I came face-to-face with a Texas DPS officer.  He pulled over on the shoulder, and I knew what was next.  At least God had given me some warning.  Some time to get a plan in my mind.  But how was I going to explain this to the Munchkin?  Life as I knew it was over.  I was a convict.  A felon.  I was gonna get to visit the pen.  In the famous words of Johnny Cash, I could hear the train-a-coming…….

Rebels and daredevils are only cool until they get caught.  Then they are just outlaws.

The dreaded lights began to flash.  I pulled over.  Feeling a bit pasty and clammy all at the same time, my hands were violently shaking and I was having trouble scrounging for my insurance card.  More charges to be filed against me.

The officer approached the car, gave the usual exchange………

“You were a bit over the speed limit.  And did you know you’re registration and inspection were out?”

What was I supposed to say?

“Yes, officer.  I realized that today.  But you know, Chick-fil-A is so darn good.  I thought I would go ahead and break the law instead….across two states.   You want me to pick you up a chicken sandwich or some waffle fries?  The waffle fries are to die for when you dip them in their Honey Roasted BBQ sauce.”

My mouth opened, but only a slight moan/whimper came out.

He must have realized I was about to go right on into post-traumatic stress syndrome and felt sorry for me.

He told me he was going to write me a warning for the speeding and a ticket for the registration, which would be removed upon registering my car.  Normally, this would be cause for great celebration.  Falling at his feet and vowing my allegiance to him for all eternity.

But the parking ticket fiasco was yet to be resolved.  The officer walked back to his car.

The rest was pretty much a blur.  I thought about calling my husband right then.  Just in case the officer wouldn’t let me make a call before patting me down.  But I was frozen.  Would they search me?  What underwear was I wearing?  Would they search my car?  It was a mess!

It truly seemed like an eternity, waiting for him to come back.  I debated jumping out of my minivan and throwing myself on the mercy of the court.  Or the State of Texas.  Whoever might help me.  I started to spew my explanation and that I was innocent until proven guilty.  I almost started bawling, fall to the ground, and beg for my freedom right there on the side of the highway.  My fate was in the hands of a state of Texas computer.

And then, as quick as it happened, it was over.

“Have a nice day.  Be careful.”

The sense of relief was unlike any emotion I have ever felt.  I immediately began screaming, “Thank you, Jesus!!!”  over and over again.  The Munchkin joined in my celebration.

I wasn’t sure what to do.  Should I turn around, drive home, and get myself legal?

I thought for a minute.  Then two.  I even called the hubby.  He is the responsible one, so you know what he said.

I know, you are all, just sitting on pins and needles in suspense, wondering……

Waffle fries from Chick-Fil-A, an American fas...

Image via Wikipedia

All I will say is this…………those waffle fries were BETTER THAN EVER.

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Welcome Back, Old Friends

Tonight, I am supposed to be getting my bags packed for a quick trip to Houston tomorrow.  My mom and I are going to a wake.  Although this trip has been spurred on by the sadness of the loss of a friend, it will be nice to take a break from the everyday.  Any time away from the kids gives a welcome break.

We leave early in the morning.  Yet, here I sit, reading blogs, checking Facebook, strolling through today’s pins on Pinterest.  As if I have nothing to do.

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

Nothing is packed.  In fact, I’m not even sure what clothes I am taking, what shoes I will wear.

I don’t even know if my traveling PJs are clean.  Or if the tee that matches them is clean.  Or where to find matching house shoes,  thanks to that puppy of mine.

It’s 8:30pm.   I drive out in less than 12 hours.

And I’ve got NOTHING.

I thought about getting busy and getting after my packing so I can actually get some sleep tonight and be rested for the drive. I even began the process (in my mind) of thinking through what I might wear.

8:45.  NOTHING.

But then I remembered I have a new purse.

A stylish, brown purse.

Of course, I can think of nothing to wear that matches this purse.  Well, that’s not completely true.  I can think of nothing I WANT to wear that matches.  And if I take the brown purse, then I have to wear brown.  My brown clothes aren’t very dressy.  I don’t want to be too casual.  I’m going to a wake.

9:00 and NOTHING has been packed.

Then, I begin to think about what jewelry I want to wear.  And although I really have no idea what jewelry I WANT to wear, I just know that it won’t match the brown purse…. Which I am now madly in LOVE with.  I wonder if I have enough extra money to buy a new outfit, with new jewelry that will match the purse.

9:15 and I’ve still got  NOTHING.

The one thing I’m sure of is the brown purse.  It’s a done deal.  I’m taking it.

As I begin to think through moving all my treasures into the beautiful brown bag, I realize I have no cash.  I need to go to the ATM so I will have cash for the trip.

ATM at the secretary of state in Portage, MI

Image via Wikipedia

I also need to put out a meal to thaw for tomorrow.  The kids and hubby have to eat while I’m gone.  I ponder over what is easiest.

Then Bernie begins to sniff, and I know that if I don’t get up and take him out, I will definitely be sorry.

9:25.  Yep, you guessed it.  NOTHING.

As I walk through the kitchen, I see dishes piled in the sink.  If I leave them there tonight, they will be there waiting on me still…on Friday.  Two long days later.  YUCK. I better clean the kitchen.

Cleaning the kitchen reminds me that I better wash a load of towels, too.

While putting clothes on, I find a CD in the pocket of a jacket.

9:45.  Nada.  Zilch.  NOTHING.

I head to the car to put the CD away only to realize what an absolute mess it is in.  Yet another chore I need to do.

I run into the house to get a trash bag (I said it was an ABSOLUTE MESS), and I stumble upon my brown purse sitting on the kitchen table.

That’s when it hits me.


10:00.  Still NOTHING packed.  NOTHING ready.  NOTHING accomplished.

All I have managed to do is make a mental to-do list that I will never be able to finish.

Welcome back old friend, ADHD.

Glad you brought your buddy Procrastination with you.

Oh, that reminds me.  I pinned something about procrastination on Pinterest…….








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Randomness Strikes Again

Randomness is a part of my life.

It is a direct result of a life spent fighting undiagnosed ADHD.

Randomness consumes my mind most days.  Usually, I discipline myself to focus on the necessities of life.  But the weekend is getting scarily close to making its anticipated appearance, so I’m rebelling against the war within my brain to focus.  It’s over-rated anyway.  So, in my best “na-nanny boo-boo” voice……….

I don’t have to….and you can’t make me!!

Randomocity will reign supreme in my life today.  And I’m embracing it.

In honor of this special occasion, you get yet another random list of random nothingness.  I hope you randomly enjoy my randomness.

  • Although I don’t really believe in psychics, I would love to go try one out.  But then if they told me something I didn’t need to hear, I’m afraid I would spend my life obsessing over how to fix it, which would then lead me back to the psychic to tell me what to do, which would just continue the cycle.  I would forever be like a hamster in a wheel that never stops spinning.  I would be in  HAMSTER HELL!!!  Therefore, I exercise a bit of self-control and just say NO.  Go me!

  • I really want to give up Facebook.  I know, I know, people say these things all the time.  But I’m seriously considering it.  It consumes my life.  Besides, blogging is much more fun.  😉
  • I am on a quest to learn how to cook healthy foods…..and I’m actually enjoying it.  My kids are beginning to be much more health conscious, which is what spurred me to start in the first place.  Maybe I won’t die with clogged arteries after all.
  • The youngest of my herd is a coin collector.  Actually, he’s a quarter collector.  This makes me wanna ask every person I know to empty their pockets and let me check out their stash just in case its one of those elusive states he has yet to find.  It’s a good thing I don’t work as a cashier.  The only thing I would accomplish is harassing the customers for their quarters.
  • Pride and Prejudice is the absolute best love story ever.  I will forever be in love with Mr. Darcy.  What girl doesn’t want to hear, “You have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love…I love…I love you.  I never wish to be parted from you from this day on.”  My knees are wobbling  at only the thought!!
  • I would love to find some old-fashioned lip-gloss like they had when I was a kid.  You know the kind that has the roller ball and tastes like bubble gum?  YUM!

  • I’m a closet Cowboys fan.  I thought about coming out, but making fun of them is so much more fun.  Especially as long as they have Romo on the team.
  • I read on Pinterest that most people pass gas 14 times a day.  Sounds like a lot of bull-balonkey, if you ask me.  I have now spent several days trying to count to see if this is actually true, but my ADD seems to get in the way of making it through the day without losing count.
  • My van needs a good cleaning.  I’m taking volunteers.
  • I love the idea of crafting, but truly lack the focus to engage in it.  I would love to be one of those super-creative people who can do anything.  Maybe I should read Crafting for Dummies.

  • Don Williams makes me miss my childhood.  The good ole days of eating beans and rice and watching the Barbara Mandrell Show.  (Go ahead, count it up to figure out how old I am, I’m still not telling!)
  • That whole healthy eating thing…….it also includes the dreaded word exercise.

Which shakes me to reality.  It’s almost time to meet some real live people at the track and huff and puff for the sake of burning a few calories.  Then, home again to try this new recipe.  Lowfat, of course.  Maybe I’ll even walk to the tunes of Don……

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Ok, so I have really tried to focus on a topic for today’s post.  The problem is my focus has been all used up.  ADHD is in full swing.  I have started to type several stories, only to copy and cut them.  Changed my mind…..or I should say….my mind changed me.  Since focusing on one topic long enough to complete a decent post is seemingly insurmountable tonight, I gave up.  So today, I give you Random Thoughts….they are what they are.  Enough said.  Here we go….

  • I wish someone would get up and cook supper……..just not bad enough to get up and do it myself.
  • People who claim to be a friend, but never check on you, because it’s only about them…..get on my ever-loving nerves.  I have come to realize I have very few REAL friends.  As much as I try not to let it bother me, it does……and even though I know that just may be what God has for me, I long for a dear friend.
  • My husband tells me that guys really can sit and have NOTHING going on in their head.  Actually just BE without any thought process whatsoever.  Nada.  Zilch.  I keep trying it.  I have yet to succeed.  But that might explain a lot about my hubby.
  • Dirty Jobs.  Really?  They are making a killing on that show showing gross and disgusting jobs.  I have yet to see one of these jobs that is around the clock and lasts for years.  Parenthood is filled with Dirty Jobs. It IS a dirty job.   Especially with FIVE boys.  Projectile vomit, poopy smeared and splattered everywhere it does NOT go, boogers (enough said), peeing contests, various categories of flagulence…. I could gross you out for days….but that’s another post.  I wonder if he could survive MY dirty job??
  • Cows have five stomachs.  No, I didn’t learn that from Dirty Jobs.
  • My last pair of flip-flops were chewed in two by the dog tonight.  Guess I might have to try that newspaper after all.  Either that, or just give up and go barefoot everywhere I go.
  • Why do men believe the remote is actually an appendage of their own body??  I can’t even remember the last time I was privileged to touch it.  This might be the reason I’m addicted to the computer.
  • The new Facebook format stinks.  I gave it a fair shake and it still stinks.  But since I won’t be quitting Facebook anytime soon, guess I’ll just have to put on my big girl panties and deal with it.
  • As I read back over my random thoughts, I realize I seriously need some girl time.
  • Which brings me around to the fact that I am in desperate need of a pedicure.  But then again, don’t I ALWAYS need a pedicure??

And now, I’m back to my original thought when I first started this post.  They make medicine for this problem!!  Go getcha some!!


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Organization Anonymous…..Well, Sort of…


Organization is heavenly.  I am an organizer.  I love to organize things.  It’s some of the best fun…..taking random chaos and bringing some sort of meaning to the madness.  A place for everything (and hopefully labeled as such) and everything in its place.

I have spent a large portion of my life organizing things.  And I’m good at it.  I organize movies by genre.  I then even organize the various genres on the shelf.  The kid-friendly movies within reach of said kiddies, while putting the horror and action genre (generally NOT kiddie friendly) on the top shelf out of little hands’ reach.  Medicine?  No problem.  A basket for first-aid, maintenance meds, vitamins, etc, etc.  The pantry….oh, I can have a play party there.  Can goods can be organized in a multitude of ways.  School supplies.  Heaven on earth.  Toys……. By tubs of various sizes and colors depending on their respective category….action figures, construction toys,  transportation toys.  Each toy category can then be organized within THAT category.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  I could start a blog on organizing things.  I LOVE it!!

So, why does organization elude me?? I try so hard to be organized.  I DO organize.  But there is a HUGE difference in organizing and BEING organized.  It’s maintaining organization that always makes a failure out of me.

I think the problem is that along with all this love for organizing,  I also suffer from ADHD.  Which means, by nature, I’m a slob.  I can keep up with nothing, I put things away in a ’safe spot‘, only to forget where the safe spot actually is.  I hate clutter, yet it follows me everywhere I go.  I spend hours organizing things, only to utterly destroy and dismantle said organization the second time I use it….ok, the first time.  I think it’s an illness.  I guess I’m hoping it is.  That way I would have a good excuse.  ‘I’m sick‘, I could say.  Well, I’m sick alright.  I spend TONS of money buying things to organize, HOURS of time organizing (and usually make a HUGE mess in the process), yet, you still need an appointment to come to my house.  I always hope and pray when someone uses the bathroom, they don’t open the cabinet door.  After all, it could be dangerous.   No telling WHAT might fall out of there.   I spend so much time in the perpetual quest for organization, that it keeps me from completing regular housework.  How can I clean the kitchen when the pantry needs to be organized (and it does…even though I do it every week)?

I don’t know how to help me.  Maybe there is no help for me.  Hello, my name is Robin.  I’m an organization addict.  No, you can’t see it, but it’s there.  Believe me, my clutter bothers me more than it bothers you.  It’s even worse living inside my head.  Oh, and don’t forget that appointment.  Otherwise, I might flip the lights off, holler for everyone to freeze, and hide behind a couch.  Heheee………..of course, I’m just kidding.  I won’t holler.  Geeeezzz, how dumb do you think I am??

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