I WANT it, and I WANT it NOW!!!

01 Feb


We live in an instant society.  We want everything in a hurry.

We log onto the internet and can open multiple pages at a time.  While you wait for a YouTube video to load, you can read the news, catch up on the latest gossip via Facebook, and even shop on Amazon.  No waiting.  We expect to drive through and pick up a quick dinner in less than five minutes.  We rarely use the stove to warm food…after all, the microwave produces heated food in a minute or two.  Don’t have the money saved to buy a new TV?  No worries.  You can run down and sign up for no payments and no interest for 6 months.  Take the TV home today and pay later.  No waiting.

Waiting is not something Americans are comfortable with.  So it’s no wonder, that when it comes to life choices, we don’t want to wait.  We want that perfect spouse NOW.  We want that new house NOW.  We want to be successful NOW.

But sometimes God answers our prayers by saying, “Not now.  Wait.”

This answer to prayer is a very hard one to accept.  We don’t understand why God would make us wait….and wait….and wait.  Often waiting is followed by giving up.  We become frustrated and decide for ourselves that we know better than Him.  If He won’t give us the answer now, we will do it ourselves.  It’s during those times that we often make life choices we later regret.

So why does God force us to wait on answers?  Why do we have to wait for what He has for us?

My pastor has been preaching on finding the will of God.  And this past Sunday, he brought something up I had never really thought of before.  We are constantly asking God to show us what He wants of us.  What to do.  We are constantly asking Him for the desires of our heart.  Yet, we often don’t do what He tells us.  The Bible is full of His instruction on how to live our life.  How often do we ignore what the Bible says because it’s not something we want to do?  It’s hard.  Being obedient to His word is uncomfortable, so we ignore His instruction that is clearly in black and white and pray and ask Him to send us a sign, a direction. Have you ever thought that He just may be making you wait because He is waiting for you to be obedient?

God wants us to be faithful and obedient to Him.  He wants us to use the Bible to help guide us and govern our life choices. When we choose our timing instead of His, we can miss the blessings He has in store for us.  When we refuse to wait on God, we will always be settling for second best.  His will is always better than anything we can do for ourselves. His will for our life includes following His commandments.

Even when it’s hard.

Even when it’s not what we want.

Even when we have to wait.

Follow Him.

Be obedient to Him.

Wait on Him.


You must be willing to wait without giving up.  After you have done what God wants you to do, God will give you what He promised you.                    –Hebrews 10:36



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One response to “I WANT it, and I WANT it NOW!!!

  1. akateacher

    February 1, 2012 at 10:38 am

    I love the Spongebob! I often speak to hubby about this when he gripes about the way society is. We’ve turned into a “fast food” generation and no one is willing to “wait on the Lord”. If more people could turn back to this Biblical principle, I think the world would be a happier place (or at least more tolerable).


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