Can’t Fix Stupid!

16 Jan

You just can’t fix stupid.  It’s one of my favorite sayings.

It applies to so many!  For some, it seems they feed off of stupidity. Live in a perpetual state of stupid. In their choices.  In their language.  In their attitudes.

It’s harsh, I know.  But in reality, I think most are guilty from time to time of becoming exasperated with those around us.  It’s easy to sit back and see others’ mistakes (while conveniently overlooking our own).  The foolishness in their life choices or even their everyday decisions.  It’s easy to judge them and their crazy behavior.

But it only takes a moment of retrospection to realize that I can be just as ridiculous as any other.  I have walked down that road of selfish, irrational, ridiculous, stupidity in my life choices more times than I care to recall. I even revisit it every now and then.  Stupidity seems to be an old friend of mine that I just can’t let go of.  I’m sure that phrase I throw around so readily has been thrown in my direction a time or ten.  We all have our moments.

Sometimes our irrational behavior is a result of silliness.  Folly. It’s usually short-lived.  A moment of insanity.

Other times it’s a result of being uneducated.  You simply don’t know any better.  When you learn better, you do better.

Even still, sometimes erratic behavior comes as a result of being hurt.  Deeply.  We throw caution and wisdom to the wind because we just want to feel better.  We tire of the burdens we carry, the problems life throws at us, and throw our hands in the air.  Just do what feels good.  Sure, it may be a mistake.  But in the moment, we get a little relief.  And that makes it easy to ignore the consequences that will follow later.

It’s easy to become impatient with others when they live in a state of perpetual stupidity.  You just want them to grow up.  To get a grip.  Enough already.  They made their bed, now they can lay in it!

But we are called to a higher standard.  We are called to love those, even in their moments of stupidity. Even when bad choices consume their lives.  Even when they fall into a cycle of negative behavior.

The Bible commands us to be tenderhearted.  Patient.  Kind.  Gentle.  Have mercy on others.  Yes, even when enough is enough.  Even when they need to get a grip.  Even when they need to grow up.  We must love others through their times of struggle.  At times we may have to help them pick up the pieces of their broken lives.  The mess they’ve made.  It’s at those times it’s important to handle them with tenderhearted kindness.  Mercy.  Humility.  Gentleness.  And definitely patience.

After all, that’s exactly what the Father does for us. I’m sure He daily shakes His head in disbelief at my choices.  My thoughts.  And my actions.  Yet, He never washes His hands of me.  He picks me up, dusts me off, helps to put the pieces back together.  And even renews my heart and soul. His mercies are new every morning!

Let’s remember to treat others the way He treats us…. with compassion.  No, you can’t fix stupid. But you can love someone through it.  Pray them through it.  And show them God’s love through our care and love for them.

Since God chose you to be the holy people he loves, you must clothe yourselves with tenderhearted mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.   –Colossians 3:12


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One response to “Can’t Fix Stupid!

  1. budsummers

    January 17, 2012 at 7:00 pm

    Nice Post
    I think you forgot the second half of the Title, you can’t fix stupid but it should be more painful. You are right we all do stupid things and yes it is hard when we see others making bad choices. Jesus had it right when he talked about a speck and blank. But I’m guessing we both have friends (and you can quote me if you like) Who seem to only stop shooting themselves in the foot when they need time to reload.
    Its about grace for me, when I remember how much grace God has shown me it makes it easier to love the “stupid” people in my world. Drop by my blog sometime I would like to get you comments.


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