Everything That Has Breath!

04 Jan

A few months ago, a friend and mentor asked a group of us to write down all that had happened with us over the past year.  Taking that time to look back and actually put it in writing was a profound moment for me.  As you sit and ponder over all you’ve been through, your mind just simply cannot picture it all at once.  Seeing it on paper, for me was a major WOW moment. 
I have determined that at least once a week, I will make a list of things I am thankful for that week.  Specific things.  Doing so helps me take a bad day, a sorrowful heart, or a worrisome spirit and turn it around.  It gives me a new perspective on my life in the moment.  It reminds me that although I might feel like I’m in the pits of despair, hope and blessings are still there.  And so is the Lord. 
Somehow, for me, feeling God’s presence through my tears and aching heart, helps me grow closer to Him.  He comforts me, loves me, and guides me through the pain.  And even through the heartache, I can praise Him. 
We often get so bogged down in our own worries, or even just the busy-ness of life, we forget to take time to truly praise Him.  Worship Him.  Spend time in His presence.  No matter the circumstances of your life, find time to praise Him.  Even in the muck and the mire, He is there. 
Faithful.  Loving.  Strong.  Protecting.  Comforting.
The Bible says that everything that has breath should praise Him.  Everything that has breath.  Myself, my family, even my dog.  Singing praises to Him.  Just the picture of it in my head makes me smile. 
Today, I will give Him all the glory. 
Today, I will thank Him. 
Worship Him. 
Praise Him. 
And my day will be better because of it! 
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