All I Want for Christmas….

30 Nov


The Christmas Season is here.  That brings on the perpetual wish lists.  Since I have five kids, this could bring on a tad bit of stress.  All these lists.  So many wishes, so little money.  I have tried to teach my kids to prioritize and realize I actually do NOT have a money tree in the backyard.  Be conservative.

Apparently, they’ve been listening pretty well. Yea, right.

For example, the baby boy……he has trouble thinking of something he wants.  A new football.  A new football jersey or three.  A remote control car.  A snare drum.  That will do it.  Of course, as time goes on, he thinks of other random things he wants, too.  But he doesn’t add them to the official list.  It’s on the Santa list.  Cause that won’t cost mom money.  Humph.

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Then there is the next kiddo in line…. He realizes he needs to be conservative, but he has a massive list.  You know just in case Santa is actually real.  In that case, mom’s lack of a money tree shouldn’t matter and the sky is the limit.  Smart kid right there.  I’m just not sure exactly how to go about bursting that bubble of optimism. His list includes…. a REAL piano, interactive Toy Story toys (that range from $45-60 EACH).  He only wants the Lotso Bear, Rex, Bullseye (one of the most rare), and Hamm.  Then there is a list of CDs, Comic Books, and even a few movies thrown in.  As I had my head hanging between my knees trying to come out of my state of hyperventilating, he says, “Mom, I don’t want to be any trouble.  So, take the piano off my list.  I can practice at Grandma’s.  I can do without it.”  The piano was his number one request.   Most desired.  Hmmm…..either he’s brilliant and securing the score by making me think he is willing to sacrifice, or he really IS learning.  Either way.  The piano is his.  Geeeezzzz……

Next comes the real piece of work…..Cam.  He is the classic middle child.  He keeps our life interesting.  When I don’t need to pull my hair out from his antics, I am completely entertained.  But his Christmas list simply sends me into a state of panic.  I only need to win the lotto to even come close.

“I’ve been listening, Mom.  I don’t actually expect you to get me all of these things.  I just want you to have plenty of ideas and if you happen to hit really good sales, you will have plenty to choose from.  And then Santa can pick up some of what’s left.  It’s the dream list, mom.  The ultimate.  I know I’m not gonna get it all.  You always tell me you get more when you expect more.  High expectations yield high results.”

Ouch.  Gotta love it when your own words come back to bite you in the you know what.

So, his list…’s color coded.  Each color represents the amount of gotta have it.  For example, items in red = can’t live without; items in green = really, really want;  items in black = take it or leave it, but I really want to take it. His list is three hand-written pages.  Seriously.  For real.

Thanks, Cam.  Now, when I get only a fraction of your list, I can feel like a big fat Santa failure.  But hey, you don’t actually expect to get it all, right?????

By the time I finished recovering from the presenting of these lists, I decided the two oldest boys were grown.  They are 19 and 20.  Out of the house.  In college.  Santa was over for them.  They better choose and choose wisely.  I wanted a list, but a small one.  Of course, that went over like a lead balloon. I believe the requests were a new car, pay for my housing for spring semester, and cash, cash, and more cash.  Oh and lots of little presents.

I literally looked at them and wondered who had taken over their bodies.  Where were the children I raised??

But that’s when it happened.  I’m not sure if it was a ploy to remind me of the fact that I would want goodies for Christmas, or a sincere request, but they asked me what I wanted for Christmas.  They even asked for a list.  Woohoo!!!!!!!  Paybacks can be sweet!!!!

I couldn’t help myself.  I needed a good laugh.  So, I made the little turkeys a list.  Bahahahahaaaa…… And it looks something like this…

All I want for Christmas is………..

♥  A new Kitchen-Aid mixer.  If you really shop the sales, you can find one for a little over $200.

♥ An iPad.  Any kind acceptable.

♥ The new iPhone 4S.  They are sooooo cool!

♥ Because I don’t want to overload you TOO much, that’s all.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.  I can’t wait!!! 

The look on their little faces was priceless.  They quickly informed me, ,”We don’t have that kind of money.   There is NO way, we can afford any of those things….. even if we pool together.  You know this!”

I quickly explained I knew EXACTLY how they felt.

And there it was.  Lesson learned.  They began dropping things off their lists like crazy.  They narrowed their lists down to what they really want.  They are even shopping thrift stores for gifts for each other and making some homemade gifts.  They are paying attention to prices.

Score one for Mom!

Now, I just need to take up donations.  After all, Santa COULD bring me all of the things on MY list!  😉







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7 responses to “All I Want for Christmas….

  1. Boy Mom Blogger

    November 30, 2011 at 8:25 pm

    I love this! And I was lamenting over having to buy toys just for two! Toys are ridiculously expensive! I’m still taking advantage of my two being small and not really expecting tons of gifts yet. I love this post and the blog! Would have loved to see the looks on your kids faces – SCORE!

    • Robin

      December 1, 2011 at 9:50 am

      Enjoy them being little now. It won’t last long! The sad thing is, those expensive toys are soon replaced with even more expensive electronics. It got to the point all my boys wanted were video games. So I finally made a new rule: I won’t spend my money on them, even for gifts. If you want a video game, save your money and buy it yourself. That has definitely helped keep it from becoming a complete obsession. It’s hard to have any quality time when they want to live with a game controller in their hands! Thanks for visiting!

  2. becomingcliche

    November 30, 2011 at 8:31 pm

    The one time they actually choose to listen to us, they will parrot back the wrong thing. Every single time. Glad your illustration got your message across. My kids are content with what they have until they get asked to make a Christmas list. UGH!

    • Robin

      December 1, 2011 at 9:54 am

      It’s so true about what they remember! Mine love to get me with my own advice and life lessons! Asking for a Christmas list is asking for trouble, I know. But I don’t want to spend money on something they don’t want, either. But I think that might be better than the depression that follows the lists! haha

  3. akateacher

    December 1, 2011 at 6:36 am

    I wish I could use that same lesson on my daughters, but I think they’re a little too young to get the point! It took me weeks (literally) to get them to understand that they couldn’t run to me after every commercial they saw and ask for that toy to be put on the list. Pick out what you want most, I said. When that backfired, I explained that Santa has the final decision and only brings what he thinks is most special for you!

    • Robin

      December 1, 2011 at 9:56 am

      I love the idea that Santa chooses what’s most special. Your girls would be too young for my tactic. Thank goodness I don’t have to worry about commercials anymore! When I quit my job to stay home, cable was one of the first budget cuts. We only have Netflix now. Enjoy your baby girls while they are little. I miss having little ones. And I never thought I would say that after getting five boys out of the young years!

  4. Sunshine

    December 1, 2011 at 9:14 pm

    Haha…love your story Robin. My way works marvelous. I never ask for a list in fear of what you went through! I tell them, kids, you are getting my hugs this Christmas!! 🙂


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