A Life of Thanks

28 Nov

O Lord my God, you have performed many wonders for us.
      Your plans for us are too numerous to list.
      You have no equal.
   If I tried to recite all your wonderful deeds,
      I would never come to the end of them.   –Psalm 49:5

We are wrapping up the end of November.  Most of us have enjoyed time with family, good food, and good times.  The Thanksgiving holiday calls on us to look back, to reflect on our many blessings.  If you are a Facebook fan, your news feed has probably been flooded with posts of Thanksgiving.  These posts of Thanksgiving are indulged by all types of folks.  Christians and the lost, young and old, kindhearted and spitfires alike.

As I’ve read through these posts of Thanksgiving, I began to wonder how many of these people realize from where these blessings flow.  Do they realize that God is responsible for their many blessings?  Do they recognize Him at work in their lives?  Do they even care?

It’s all too easy to take God for granted.  All that He does for us, all the He gives us, all that He carries us through.  We neglect to give Him credit for His mighty hand at work in our lives.  To praise Him for His love. I find that so many times our relationship with the Almighty can easily become one-sided.

God, I need this.  Please give it to me.

God, get me out of this mess.  I need your help.

God, I am sad, lonely, angry, hurt.  Please ease my pain and heal me.

God, please protect me and my family.

God, please bless me.  Bring me that car, house, job, boyfriend, girlfriend, that my heart longs for.

Then, when things don’t go our way, we question Him and often become angry or disheartened with Him.

God, I don’t understand.

God, why?

God, you have failed me.

God, you have left me.

God, you don’t keep your promises.

As you look back at all these all too common prayers that fall on God’s ears, notice how self-centered they are.  Notice how it’s all about what God can do for you.  Or should do for you.  Or failed to do for you.

How often do our prayers thank Him specifically for all He does for us?  How often do we ask Him what we can do for Him?  How we can bring His kingdom glory?  How we can live for Him?  Follow Him?  Dedicate our WHOLE life to Him?

If we truly believe in the many blessings God has bestowed on us…if we truly believe He has the power to give us our heart’s desires (if He so chooses)…. if we truly believe in the greatness, the almighty power, the abounding love, the faithfulness of God…..

How can we not LOVE Him?

How can we not want to dedicate our whole life to Him?

How can we not want to step out of our comfort zone and live fully for Him?

Today, I challenge you to look at the many excuses we give to God.  The excuses we give to Him for not being faithful to read our Bible.  To neglect our prayer life until we need Him.  To skip out of church.  To skip out on working for Him.  For putting Him last in our list of priorities.  Instead of thinking of yet another excuse for NOT following Him, pray about what you can do to bring Him glory.  What do you need to do to follow Him?  Be faithful to Him?  Serve Him?

Spend time in prayer today thanking Him specifically for the blessings in your life.  Take time to praise Him for His work in your life.

Determine today to not only say thank you, but to live a life of thanks to Him.


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