Just Do It!

16 Nov

Just do it.

That’s what the old Nike slogan says.

Advertisers are smart.  They know that we all want to be better.  Do better.  And hopefully better than everyone else.  It’s human nature.  We want the big house, the coolest car, the biggest diamond.

Nobody goes to the game and says, “Let’s lose!”

I drive a mini-van.  I’m quite certain I have never heard anyone say, “Oh, I just can’t wait to get one of those!”

Many advertisements appeal to that inner desire to be the best.  Do the best.  Have the best.  Be better than the rest.

We devote our time and energy to going all out.  We don’t just want our kids to play baseball, we want them to win state in All-Stars.

We don’t want to JUST play football.  We want to go to the play-offs.  Every defeat is a slap in the face.  We set the bar higher so we will be better.  Achieve more.

That desire, that drive to be the best.  To get better.  It’s a good thing to have.  It requires endurance, stamina, determination, hard-work, perseverance.  All great qualities.

So, why do we lose this mindset in our relationship with God?

It seems so many don’t care if they do their best for God.  They are apathetic.  They are happy with mediocrity when it comes to their relationship (or lack of) with God.  They have no drive to have a real day-to-day relationship with Him.  Being a Christian is so much more than walking the aisle and getting dunked.  It is a lifetime commitment.  It’s a full-time relationship.  It’s a journey.

I hear people say they love God.  They want to follow God.  But right now their lives are hectic and busy.  They have problems in life that need to be dealt with first.  It’s not that they don’t want to follow God.  They just need their life to slow down first. Get things in order.

Life never slows down.  Life is and will always be hectic.  If you are looking for a reason, an excuse for a mediocre relationship with God, Satan will make sure you always have one.  But take time, just for a moment to imagine a life completely devoted to following God.  How would your life be different?  Imagine the peace that would come from giving Him your all.  Imagine the joy that would come with knowing your life has a valuable, lasting purpose.

It’s time for many of us to re-evaluate what we give our time, attention, and devotion to.  It’s time we take some of that drive and apply it to our walk with Christ.  Be the best Christian you possibly can be.  Set the bar for your Christian walk high.  Grow.  Follow God with passion, not just obligation.  Stop making excuses.  Don’t put it off.  As the old commercial says, Just Do It!

But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded. —-Chronicles 15:7

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One response to “Just Do It!

  1. veehcirra

    November 16, 2011 at 9:13 am

    Hi Robin, your title caught my eye since I have just published with the exact title…almost.
    I strongly believe in living for the now, and like you say if something needs to be done, it should not be put off, especially when it is as important as connecting with God. Someone once challenged, what if I lost everything and God gave back to me what I had thanked him for before I slept…it hit me so hard, made me very grateful of so many things!


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