My Superhero!

15 Nov


They are invincible.  Strong.  Determined.

We are drawn to them because of their supernatural powers or abilities.  It seems they are so powerful, they can do anything they set their mind to.  Superheroes seem to instinctively know when someone is in trouble, and they immediately race to the rescue.  Yet, they are only human.  Like you and me.  They overcome limitations that stop us in our tracks.  Superheroes are the good guys.  They kick evil in it’s booty.  They can swoop in and rescue the helpless.  They feel pain and sorrow, yet they are committed to the greater good and will sacrifice themselves, their happiness for those in need.   They fight the good fight…….and win.

Jesus is the ultimate superhero.  He lives up to the definition and expectations of  a superhero.  When most hear the name of Jesus, they think of him in the amazing.

Miracles he performed. Raising people from the dead.  Feeding the thousands with only a few loaves of bread.  Walking on water.  Causing the blind to see.

Putting His life on the line…for us.  And being brave enough to follow through.  He payed the ultimate price for our good.

This is the stuff superheroes are made of.

But, what resonates for me most is …….Jesus wept.  (John 11:35)

This man, this superhero, this Son of God, wept.  Hearing of His mighty works.  His mighty power.  That’s the Jesus I have heard about over and over and over.

But knowing that he was a man with real feelings, real sorrows, real struggles, makes Him so much more real to me.  It’s so very easy to think about Him as a being that could never understand my measly little human heart.  He is so busy doing the work of the universe, how can he possible care or concern himself with me?

This verse reminds me of just how much Jesus LOVES.   He loves me.  He cares for me.  He understands my sorrows, my fears, my pain.  He understands because He has been there.

His heart has hurt.  Just as mine so often does.  I wonder how often do I grieve His heart with my actions and lack of faith?  Yet, no matter how many times I mess up, He is there.  Waiting for me to run back to Him.  With arms open wide and full of love, forgiveness, mercy, and grace.

He is ready and willing to heal my broken heart.  To mend my pain.  To carry me through my sorrows.  He understands.  He has been there.

He is waiting to pull you through when you have been betrayed.  Wronged.  Mistreated.  Abused.  He has been there.

He longs to see you resist temptation and is waiting help you.  To overcome and flee Satan’s attempts to pull you from following God.  He has been there.

He will rescue you from despair.  Pull you out of the pits of sadness so you can see the light.  Have hope.  Peace.  And even joy.  He has been there.

I so often take for granted the gift I have in my Savior.

I forget that although He is more powerful, more mighty than anything I could ever begin to imagine, He understands my sinful heart.  He understands my thoughts and feelings.

He knows every bad thing about me.  Yet, He loves me anyway.

I turn from Him.  Yet, He loves me anyway.

I fall back into sin.  Yet, He loves me anyway.

I take Him for granted.  I neglect to spend time with Him.  I rarely give Him the thanks He is due.

Yet, He loves me anyway.

Now that is a Superhero!

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