Angry Hearts

26 Oct

And don’t sin by letting anger control you. 

Don’t let the sun go down while you are still angry, for anger gives a foothold to the devil.

Ephesians 4:26-27

Have you ever been so angry it was difficult to think straight?  Sadly, I experienced this type of anger a few weeks ago.  I became so angry, it was difficult to focus on anything else for the remainder of the day.  As much as I’m ashamed to admit it, most of my day centered around angry thoughts and words.  I allowed the cruel actions of someone else to dictate my day by filling my heart full of anger.  Anger is poison to the soul.

Anger is such a powerful emotion.  It can cause you to do things you would normally never do.  It can cause you to spew verbal vomit that is offensive, hateful, and downright mean.  If you aren’t careful, anger can grab a hold on your heart and squeeze the life out of it.  It can completely consume your life.  And it is almost always counter-productive.  Nothing comes out of it.   It just puts us in a useless state of turmoil. 

The Bible tells us not to let our anger control us.  Anger is often inevitable.  You will experience it.  How you handle it is up to you.  When you give anger free reign over your heart, you are handing it control over your thoughts and actions.  It plants seeds of bitterness, rage, hatred, and unforgiveness. 

It snuffs out every glimmer of hope. 

It kills love. 

It leaves no room for grace.  

When you allow anger to take root in your heart, you hand the devil the keys to your heart.  It’s like letting him get his foot in the door to poison you with evil thoughts and negative emotions.  And if he can grab our thoughts, it won’t be long before he is dictating, and even consuming our steps. 

This scripture verse tells us not to let the sun go down on our anger.  It’s such a powerful, strong emotion, the longer we allow ourselves to entertain it, the easier it is for it to take over our life.  And truthfully, when we give in to our anger, we are giving those who have wronged us power over our lives.  Not only have they hurt us by their actions, but now they have power over your thoughts and actions as well.

As I was thinking about how easy it is for anger to take control, I was trying to think of some words of wisdom.  How do you turn away when your heart has been hurt?  How do you let it go when you have been horribly wronged and mistreated?

And then I thought of the cross.  Christ was beaten with whips that left bleeding lacerations all over his body.  He was tortured.  He was hung on a cross publicly for the world to see.  And he was innocent.  Yet, He chose love.

How angry I would be if had to endure all He endured.  In the midst of it all, he pleaded with God to forgive those who were responsible.  He chose love.

If I am to strive to have a heart like His, I must choose love.   I want my heart to be filled with the love of God.  And quite honestly, there isn’t room for both.  When anger comes your way…..and it will,  focus on the love of Christ.  Yes, you will still experience anger.  But with the God’s help, it will not take over.  Clear your heart of any anger, bitterness, hatred, and rage you might be hanging on to.  If you have sinned in your anger, seek forgiveness.  Don’t allow those who hurt you to have power over your life.

Give it to God.

He can and will fight your battles.

In Him, you will find comfort and rest for your troubled heart.

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