A Day in the Life

22 Oct

Cover of "The Godfather (Widescreen Editi...

Cover of The Godfather (Widescreen Edition)

Lessons learned and reflections on another chaotic day in my life…..

  • French wine is not feminine, but French men are…..That is, according to the world of Cameron, my 15 yr old son.  Of course , other bits of trivia (according to Cameron) are:  Canadians are evil,  Garfield is a hero and should be given a Nobel Peace Prize,  all of life’s important lessons can be learned from The Godfather.
  • Speaking of Cam, he actually CAN only converse through impersonations for an entire DAY.  True story.
  • How to simplify fractions and how to balance equations containing fractions.  YUCK and YUCK.
  • Miserable people are like cancer.  They seek to destroy and kill all happiness surrounding them.  It makes me want to give said miserable person an atomic wedgie, a couple of good wet willies, and shoot spit balls at them while singing “Na-nanny boo, boo!” at the top of my lungs until they promised to play nice.
  • My electric bill is WAY too high.
  • The TV show, Lost, is only good for blood pressure spikes due to the insane suspense that NEVER reaches its climax.  Geeeeezzzz, enough already.  I’m on episode 39 and we are still in a constant state of anticipation.
  • Perfume just can’t cover up stink.  Enuff said.

  • God’s mercies ARE new every morning.  God’s grace, God’s forgiveness, God’s love for me is more than sufficient.  Thank you, Lord.
  •  Lettuce is really tasty.  I have decided taste factor is in direct relation to  hunger factor.  Since D.I.E.T is currently in my vocabulary as opposed to chocolate, lettuce is very tasty.
  • Although Halloween is rapidly approaching, there is not a purple wig to be found within a good 100 mile radius of my home.  Yay.
  • My van can actually drive at least another 13 miles after reaching the “Zero miles to empty” warning light.

  • I believe there are actually Laundry Trolls who live in my walls, come out at night, yank perfectly clean clothes out of dressers, and dirty them up as only Laundry Trolls (or little boys) can do.  It multiplies by the hamper full faster than my washing machine can churn.

That being said, I need to go throw on a load of clothes in the hopes that we might actually have clean clothes for church in the morning…..That is….. if we make it to church before finding out just how many miles we have left until actually running out of gas.  I forgot to run by and remedy that situation this evening.  Like I said, A day in the life……….of the Chaos Queen!

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