Terror in the Parking Lot

17 Oct

Dollar General, Schroon Lake NY

Image by NNECAPA via Flickr

A simple run to the Dollar Store.

That’s all I wanted.  All I needed.

And is that REALLY too much to ask??

I had a rough morning.  That’s actually putting it mildly.

My morning was hand-delivered straight from hell.   Well, ok.  I might be exaggerating a TAD bit, but it was horrible.  No, I’m not gonna tell you why.  You’re on a need to know basis and you just don’t need to know.  Let me just tell you this.  My morning devotion today was titled ‘Broken Hearts’.  It was inspired by my morning.  Enough said.

I stayed in my PJs most of the day.  I had been placed on an emotional roller coaster BEFORE having my coffee.  In fact, I’m not sure I am off of it now.  So, I decided, by George, that I was entitled to a full blown pity party and that included staying in the PJs all day.

Anyway, back to my story (ADHD is in full swing tonight.).

We were out of milk.  Out of bread.  Out of of diet sodas.  All this AND I’m still like a hamster in a wheel that never stops spinning.


I put the baby boy up to taking a list and running into the store for me.  I simply MUST make the trip, but I wasn’t ready to emerge from my pity party just yet.

Without a lot of thought,  I pull into the Dollar General parking lot and park in the front.  Right up by the store.

Now, you have to understand.  This is the only ‘grocery’ store in our small town.  It is the Central Hub of the town. And, of course, being in the ‘poor pitiful me’ state I was in, I didn’t so much as look at the clock before jumping in the car.  The end of the school day had arrived.  Which meant the Central Hub was now Grand Central Station.

My day just keeps getting better.

As a little girl walks along the porch of the store right in front of my car, WAVES really big (She is a former student), it hits me.

Not only have I chosen to come to the store in complete and utter disarray in the busiest time of day….but I pulled right up to the door for all of the town to see.  In a car with NO tinted windows.  I was ‘roll right out of the bed beautiful’.  Sporting my pink and black Hello Kitty PJ pants, braless, in a blue t-shirt decorated with random dribbles of my lunch scattered throughout.  My hair was Medusa style.  Makeup was but an afterthought.  Not even moisturizer had I applied.  After all,  who has time for personal hygiene when you’re in the midst of a personal crisis.  Right??

Suddenly, as the reality of the situation descends upon my already dark heart, I begin to panic.  I’m on display for the whole town to see.  I frantically look around to see if I recognize any of the other vehicles in the lot.  Desperately hoping NOT to see a familiar face walk out of the store and want to say ‘HI’. 

What was I thinking?

Coming out in public dressed like this??

I jerked the car into reverse, sliding as low into the seat as I possibly could.  I pulled over to the far edge of the parking lot.  As I saw cars pouring into the parking lot, several of which I recognized, I lowered the back of my seat.  I sunk lower and lower into the seat.  I made my way below the edge of the windows.  It was a tough squeeze between the steering wheel and the seat, but I managed. I wasn’t sure if I would ever be able to get out, but I thought I was hidden.

As someone I knew pulled in, parked right next to me, got out and went into the store without so much as a look in my direction….. I realized I had done it.


Finally, the little rugrat made his way back to the car, climbed in and looked at me in astonishment.

“Should I even ask why you are hunched in the floor of the car?  Get up!   Let’s go!  I just don’t know what’s wrong with you today!”

I wiggled my wedged Hello Kitty patooty out of the floorboard of the car.

Dusted off my house shoes.

Sat up straight and tall. I had done it.

I had slid in under the radar and stayed there.

I thought, “What am I doing in the middle of a pity party?  So my feelings are hurt.  I had a really bad, emotional morning.  But….

I am a conqueror!!!  A victor!!

I had survived terror in the parking lot.

Because of me, my community was safe from the horror of seeing my sorry tail with bed head and mismatched clothes.  And I was saved from the terror of being exposed as the lazy bum I had been all day.

VICTORY was MINE!!  And it is oh, so sweet!!

Don’t you ALL wish your life was exciting as mine??

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4 responses to “Terror in the Parking Lot

  1. whatimeant2say

    October 17, 2011 at 9:48 pm

    Everyone is allowed a pity party or two. It feels so good when the party is over, though!

    • Robin

      October 18, 2011 at 8:37 am

      You are right! It’s so nice to WANT to get out of the PJs today!

  2. Divya Srikanth

    October 19, 2011 at 10:02 pm

    🙂 Thanks for the laugh and congratulations on your victory!

    • Robin

      October 20, 2011 at 10:01 am

      Thanks!! I have to find victory in the small things. It makes life more interesting!! =)


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