Broken Hearts

17 Oct

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. —Psalm 147:3

Can you remember a time when you were little and you would get a cut or scrape? My mom always cleaned up my boo-boo with the greatest of care. She would bind it (bandage) up to keep the dirt and germs out so that it would not become infected. Then she would kiss my boo-boo as if that kiss magically made everything all better. Often times, it in fact did.

Now that I’m grown, I bandage my own wounds. But at times, our wounds cannot be seen with the human eye. The wounds are deep and they hurt exponentially more than a superficial scrape or scratch. These are wounds are often inflicted by others with painful words or actions. The ones we love the most are often those who cause the deepest wounds in our heart.

The good news is God is there. The Bible tells us he binds up our emotional wounds to protect us and help us heal. He heals those wounds in our life if given the chance. His ‘kiss’ is truly powerful.

I believe that most people on this earth are walking with some type of wound on their heart. Sure they may have it all together on the outside. On the inside, more people are hurting than we know.

Real pain.

Real sorrow.

Real despair.

Our broken hearts are just trying to survive. We can choose to leave the brokenness of our lives unattended…..leaving it open to become infected with bitterness, sadness, and hopelessness.

Or we can run to the One who can heal.

Today, be sensitive to those around you. You never know whose heart is hurting. Show love to those whose hearts are breaking. And if you are one of the walking wounded, run to Him.

Let Him take you into His arms, bandage your heart, protect, and heal your wounds.

He is ready, willing, and waiting.

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