My Heart Smiles

16 Oct


Sometimes there are things in life that simply bring you joy, happiness, and contentment right there, in that moment.  Despite any problems or storms raging in your life, you are at peace with the world.  Satisfied.

For that moment.

In that instant.

♥ Your heart smiles.  ♥

It’s amazing what can happen when you slow your life down for a brief moment.  You can take things in.  You take time to savor how things taste.  Notice the true beauty in your children.  Your husband.  Experience things you are usually too hurried to notice.  You can see the details you normally glaze right over in the busy-ness of life.

On a normal weekend, my schedule is jam-packed full of plans.  Items on the agenda.  Places to go.  People to see.  To-do lists that are so long, I only hope to mark a task or two off the list.  The weekend that is meant to be a respite from the everyday chaos of life….is spent meeting myself coming and going.  I fall into a whole new kind of chaos.  And although it may be fun-filled, it’s still chaos that prevents me from stopping to smell the roses….. and truly appreciating the blessings of life.

But this weekend, my schedule was, for the most part, clear.

I had a free weekend free from social obligations.

I retired my to-do list.

The people I needed to see the most were right here with me.

And so, I determined to rest and relax.  And enjoy my loved ones.

Our family actually took time to enjoy eating around the table.  We spent an extra few minutes talking and laughing rather than hurrying to get the next task completed.

We played games.  Acted silly.  Laughed til our bellies ached.

Although we have two family rooms complete with entertainment equipment, we huddled together the ENTIRE weekend and launched a LOST marathon….. with Bernie piled up in the middle of it all.

We stayed up late…way past our usual bedtimes, just to ‘play’.

It was an amazing weekend.

A few days of rest and relaxation, spent with those in life who are dearest to my heart.

Not running around chasing our tails getting to the next activity.

But just being together.

Talking.  Laughing.  Loving.

And it made my heart smile.  ♥





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