All Friday Nights are NOT Created Equal

14 Oct

The weekend is finally about to make it’s appearance.

Fridays MUST be good days.

It’s written in stone, on bathroom walls, and on Facebook pages worldwide.  There is even a restaurant named in honor of the weekly, cherished day.  Fridays are dependable.  If you manage to breathe and survive the day, Fridays guarantee a night for all frivolity, laying up, partying, hanging out, vegging out….whatever floats your boat.  My Friday has been decent.  Fairly respectable.  And it’s not over yet.  To make my night even more supreme, I have no plans looming overhead.  Not only a free Friday, but a free weekend!!  Whoop!  Whoop!!

As I am preparing for a night of doing as little as possible, I gather all the necessities for a fabulous Friday on the home front.  Books I am trying to finish up, my camera (A girl must always be prepared to capture those spontaneous moments.), my new ‘Teach Myself How to Crochet’ book with all needed materials to drive myself mad, and a tall glass of Diet A&W Cream Soda.  YUM.


The phone rings and it’s baby boy #2, Adam.  My first thought is YAY!  He wants to talk to his momma.  He moved out in August to go to college, so Adam calling to talk to his momma is a big deal.  He asks how the family is doing.  He makes an appropriate amount of small talk. Deep down inside, I knew it was coming.  A few minutes into the conversation I stumble upon the purpose of the call.

Do we have an upgrade available on our phones?

Yep, I knew it.  Too good to be true.  I guess that old saying ‘Money keeps you in touch with your kids,‘ is true.  No phone calls just to say hi.  How are you, mom?  Nope.  Too busy for that.  But time can always be found to investigate the possibility of an upgrade.  Actually this makes me wanna do much more than say something………but Momma always said if you can’t say something nice…..

Oh, and that upgrade?   I think I’ll think about it until….well, until somebody starts calling his momma regularly just to ask how SHE is without ulterior motives.  It might be a while.

Determined I’m going to make this Friday night the best yet, I shake it off.  I have supreme nothingness to achieve.  I’m on a mission.  And nothing’s gonna stop me.  So, I sit back down.  Just about the time I get comfy.  I hear it.  Those dreaded words….

What’s for supper??

Really?  Do I WANT to cook supper tonight?  NO way.  A To-Do List was not part of the necessary items for a Fabulous Friday.  In fact, I consider cooking to be the opposite of fabulous.  It’s dreadful.

BUT….. I’m the only one in this house who knows how to thaw out meat.  The kids are circling like vultures waiting for roadkill to die on the side of the road.  I’m on a d.i.e.t. so eating out is out of the realm of possibilities.  And my hubby has been sitting here, as I type,  looking at me like he might just fall over from starvation. I guess I have no choice.

Cooking is on the agenda. 


Oh, and the hubby also needs me to wash his uniforms because he forgot to take them in to be picked up.



I  ♥  laundry. 


I think I need to send out a memo.  The Friday night gods created all Friday nights equal…. or was that the constitution and men created equal?  Who knows?  For my purposes, it’s Friday nights.

Which means my Friday night should be just as awesome as their Friday night.  It should me my night off to do whatever I please, whenever I please, however I please.  Without interruptions such as hungry children and pitiful looking husbands who need clean clothes.  I think all moms out there should come together.  Unite in solidarity.  And do nothing every Friday night.  Yep, that’s it.



Until then, I guess I’ll have to get up and stir something up to feed the vultures, get the laundry going,  and check out the possibility of an upgrade on the cell phones.  Somewhere in there,  MAYBE I’ll get to that fabulous Friday night.

But then, again, someone will need to clean the kitchen.  So much for the Friday night gods.  I think I’m just the village idiot in their Friday night comedy show.

But that’s ok.  Doing chores gives me time to think.  And me thinking could be dangerous.

Here’s to women everywhere….uniting….. to plot revenge against the Friday night gods.  Let me know if you want to join. 



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