Psycho Mom…Coming Soon!

13 Oct

It’s been a while.  It has.  Things have gone pretty smoothly for the past several weeks.

The kids have been operating at their usual level of driving me bonkers.  I’m only halfway crazy.  And I can function like that.

But this morning is different.  I think my children have been invaded by evil monsters.  There names are Why?, What for?, and Do I have to?  They can be described as whining, complaining, grumpy, out of sorts, and just plain ornery.  The fight is on.  They want to fight over anything and everything and nothing…..all at the same time.

Stop looking at me!

Stop bossing me!

Your tone is rude! (Yep, they have been listening to me and they are now using it to torture me.)

Stop shaking the table!

You can’t go in there to do your school work!

I just want to SCREAM………………Why not?  You hate each other at the moment.  Why, on God’s green earth would you want him to STAY here by YOU???????

That’s when it hits me.  Smack in the face.  Like a Mac truck.  They have ganged up on me.  The insane are trying to take over the asylum.  They are on a mission to put me in the rubber room.  Completely crazy.  And it’s working.

plotting his take-over

It makes sense really.  They think if they can conquer me, they can run the roost.  Have free reign.

But I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck yesterday.  I’m on to them.  I know what they’re up to.

Sometimes, they just need a gentle reminder of my alter ego.  Bahahahaaa…..

They have forgotten who they are dealing with.

So, let the games begin.  Psycho-Mom is circling the building and about to swoop in and make her presence known.

The insane may have taken over, but I’m about to get the asylum back!

They think they’ve won …..that their plan will work.  Hahahahaaaa!!


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2 responses to “Psycho Mom…Coming Soon!

  1. Leisa Byley Pate

    October 13, 2011 at 9:51 pm

    So loved this one also…Psycho-Mom…God Bless you and keep them coming…You have such a wonderful spirit inside and out and it comes out in all you blogs…Thank you, don’t ever change!!!!

    • Robin

      October 13, 2011 at 10:11 pm

      Leisa, you just made my night! Thanks so much for your kind words! =D


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