What if??

11 Oct


Then, calling the crowd to join his disciples, he said, “If any of you wants to be my follower, you must turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross, and follow me.” —Mark 8:34

I like to play the What-if game. Usually, when I play this game, it’s because I’m covered in worry about something that is out of my control.

If ______ happens…..then I will _____. But what if ____ happens? Well, then I could _____.

I do my best to hedge against the ‘what ifs’ and have a plan to survive. Being a natural worrywart, it’s something I deal with often. After getting through a difficult day yesterday, I began to play the game.

Maybe having a plan of action for every possible scenario, I would then be prepared when the hammer dropped on my life.

But as I sat there, telling myself…”You know better than this. Hand it to God and leave it there.” After wrestling with the desire to woller in my worry, I realized if I was to grow, truly grow in my walk with God, I had to move on. So, rather than completely giving up the game, I tweaked it, changed it. And what a difference it made in my outlook! I decided it was too great NOT to share, so here we go….

  • What if I actually believed God was in control of EVERY situation in my life?
  • What if I completely surrendered to His will? Even if that means going through something gut wrenching?
  • What if I actually believed God’s promises to be true for my life?
  • What if I actually believed God’s word, loved God’s word, as much as I believed my own and the words of others around me?
  • What if I gave God the time and attention I give to my family and friends?
  • What if I really believed God is listening, would answer my prayers, and bring me comfort?
  • What if I allowed the power of God to live in me, to push me to do great things for His kingdom?
  • What if I really followed Him? Everyday, in every moment, followed Him?

As I began to soak in all these what-ifs, I realized, IF I bought into all the words written in the Bible as words given to ME and lived my life by those words, how different my life would be.

It’s easy to give lip service to God, stopping short of putting feet to your faith.

We talk about loving Him and following Him, but then when the going gets tough, we run. We back away. We want God, but only as long as it’s easy and doesn’t make us uncomfortable. We want God to be there for us, but only want to acknowledge Him when we need something.

What if, today, you truly put away your selfish desires, took up your cross, and followed Him? How would your life be different?

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