No, Negative Nelly!!

28 Sep

Do everything without complaining or arguing. *Philippians 2:14

I have a friend who is NEVER happy. Really. NEVER. Every time I talk to her, there is something she is in a stew over. In one short conversation, she can spew off a list of complaints about everything from the school, to the church, to the long lines at Wal-Mart. Sometimes I think if Jesus himself showed up, she would be asking him what took so long! I call her Negative Nelly. We’ve all been around someone like this. If you can’t find something bad to say, just go to her, she will help you out. We’ve all been around a Negative Nelly. You know, one of those people who gripe and complain about everything in life. They whine about their work, their school, their family, their friends. They are constantly putting down others. They feed off of all the bad things in life. These Negative Nellys in life are everywhere. If we aren’t careful, we can become one our self. Negativity can be poison for the soul. Sure, life can be hard. It often hands us problems / tasks that are unfair. Complaining is nonproductive. It gets you no where. In fact it slows you down, brings you down and destroys your attitude. Grumbling and complaining not only affects you, but it also brings the victims of your verbal vomit down as well. It’s hard to have fun around someone who is always griping and unhappy. Get a new perspective. Every time we complain about something, we are telling God we don’t appreciate what he’s done for us. You have to go to work at a job you hate? You GET to go to work. Many people need a job, but don’t have one. Your mom and dad get on your last nerve constantly telling you what to do? Be thankful you have a mom and dad who care enough to stay on you about doing good. It’s all about perspective. You can always find something to complain about and choose to be miserable…. or you can choose to focus on something positive and a happy heart will follow. One of my favorite quotes is: Happiness does not mean everything is perfect. Happiness is choosing to look beyond the imperfections. Today, instead of grumbling about things, find something positive to say instead. When something negative comes to mind, push it aside and look beyond the imperfections to find something good. Show God you appreciate all the blessings in life, rather than complaining about the burdens. It will make you heart smile!!


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  1. Sandy

    October 20, 2011 at 10:34 am



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