Monday, Funday……well, not exactly.

26 Sep

Today is Monday.   That means it’s my day to prop my feet up, watch the soaps, and eat Bon Bons.  The house will be sparkling clean, the laundry nonexistent, and dinner will be an amazing gourmet meal that every person in my house will just love.  We will sit around the dining table, with smiles on our faces, sharing how wonderful our day was and how we just can’t wait til the next day of work and school.


Ok, so I know I have to snap out of it.  In reality,  my house has taken on a life of it’s own. The floors are strewn to high heaven, dirty clothes seem to be the new decor, and the toilets….well, we won’t go there.  This housework is a thorn in my side.  Actually, it’s more like a spear through my body…. it’s lurking, hovering over me, threatening to consume me.   I feel like I spend my life cleaning.  In fact before I finish cleaning the house, the end I started at is already needing it again.  I’ve tried everything.  Avoiding it, ignoring it, willing it to disappear….all to no avail.  I have even tried propping my feet up, watching soaps, and eating Bon Bons (well, at least in my imagination).  But it just doesn’t work to avoid, ignore, or live in that fantasy world that is so much fun.  It’s still there, only worse from my neglect while trying to will it to go away.  Yee-haw.

So, Today is Monday.  That means I get to clean toilets, scrub showers, mop floors, wash mountains of laundry, dust, and vacuum.  And you know what?  By Monday evening it will need it again.  Tonight’s dinner will be a quick and easy crockpot meal because my feet will hurt and my back will ache  after cleaning up after all these messy boys.  Tonight at dinner, I will smile wearily, anxiously awaiting the moment I can plop down into my chair and relax (probably sometime close to bedtime).   I have decided this is a good thing.  It’s good to be needed, to be depended on.  The alternative is a lonely life with nobody around to mess things up.  So, off I go…..I may be holding my nose as I clean up after these stinky boys of mine but I’ll be singing a happy song in my heart.  Why?  Because tonight…. when I plop into that chair, I will have a couple of boys who want to cuddle up to their momma because they think she is the best momma in the world.  And that makes it all worth it.

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