A New Outlook

22 Sep

Kids.  You can’t live with them.  You can’t live without them.  And you just can’t lock them in a closet.  I have 5 kids.  Five boys to be exact….and I love them with all my heart and soul.  On most days, I even like them.  Today the jury is still out.  Not that they’ve met catastrophe head on today.  It’s not been a bad day.  Just an unappreciated day.

Let’s start with the oldest, Bud.  Well, actually his name is Clayton, but I call him Bud.  Bud (20) woke up in a pitiful mood.  He didn’t have to be at work until 3:00, so he was hanging out this morning…. watching TV, listening to NFL something or other on the laptop, puffed up like the whole world was against him.  Of course, all this technology he had going isn’t very conducive to a learning environment.   So, when his brother asks him to move to a different room, of course he bites his head off.  Because you know,  the most important thing IS football.   Duh…everybody knows that.

Then there’s #2 child…..Adam (19).  I call him AdamAnt  most of the time.  He is going to college at University of Houston.  He did come in to visit this past weekend.  And I did get some good quality time with him the day I picked him up and brought him home.  Of course, that’s because it was only me and his baby brother.  Made it easier to focus.  Nobody else to draw his attention away.   The rest of the weekend he was consumed with visiting other family members….you know the ones that did NOT drive to Houston to pick his happy tail up and drive him home.  Oh, and since he left Sunday, I have not even gotten a text, much less a phone call.  OUCH.

School went well today.  A friend was coming over this afternoon, so they were motivated and finished by 1:00……a major highlight as far as I’m concerned.  So, I decide to run some errands while the boys are occupied playing.   Now you have to understand I live in a very small town pretty much in the middle of nowhere.  Running errands would not take long. A whopping 5 minutes after leaving the house, I get a phone call from baby boy #5, Braedon.  He sounds completely frustrated with the fact that I left the house…and him.  I explain what I’m doing and that I won’t be long (even though I explained it 5 minutes earlier BEFORE I left!).  15 minutes later, my cell rings again.  And of course, it’s Braedon again.  He just wants to know what’s taking me so long. He sounds so downtrodden, I ask him if something is bothering him.  He responds, “I miss you and I’m bored.”  Really??  He was fine before I left.  He suddenly can’t live without his mom for 30 minutes??  Combine me rushing home to keep the baby company, a throbbing headache, and the question, “What’s for supper?”  and “When are you cooking?”………My head almost starts to spin.

So, I’m pumped and loaded for bear.  Ready to pounce on the next unappreciative nagger…..when a still small voice in my head says, “Feeling unappreciated?  Taken advantage of?  Used?  Worn out?  Tired of DOING for everyone else?  No matter what you do, it’s never enough?  They always need more?    You should see things from where I sit.”  And suddenly, my whole outlook changes.  I call on God for my needs constantly.  He blesses me and I go back for more.  And how often do I think of serving Him?  How often do I show Him appreciation and love?  How He must tire of me.  And you know what, those kids, who are driving me completely batty…..I’m blessed to have them.  They are a gift that everyone is not given.  So, I get a hug from the baby, who is standing here waiting for me to ‘finish the post already’…….and get up to cook supper.  Maybe I won’t lock them in a closet after all.

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