Bedtime Battles

19 Sep

Bedtime.  When I hear that one little word, my stomach starts to churn, I begin to sweat, and my head starts to throb.  Bedtime was once a time to look forward to….the kids would get tucked into their beds, read a quick story, a sip of water, and lights out.  Wait em out about 20 minutes and it was smooth sailing.   Well, for most of my kids.  You know I have 5.   By today’s standard that’s a whole herd. And one of those boys, Cameron, is a nocturnal creature.  Anyway, back on subject.  Now, my kids are all old enough to feel like they should get to stay up as late as anyone and quite frankly, the war is on.  Each night is a battle.  Whining, fighting, excuses……you would think I was dealing with toddlers.  They always want to pile in with each other so they can drag it out and fight sleep even longer.  Or they are scared.  They heard a noise.  Saw a shadow.  Forgot to do something.  I could go on all night.  But since I think they are FINALLY asleep, I better go to bed and get some sleep myself.   Why is it when we are little, everyone wants us to nap and sleep in…..yet we hate it.  And when we are grown, naps are hard to come by, sleeping late is a rare luxury, and it seems we never get enough??

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