Hey, Momma

16 Sep

Tomorrow morning I will drive to Houston to pick up the baby boy.  Well, he’s not really a baby anymore.  He is almost a junior in college… and he’s actually the second baby boy of five.  This is the same baby boy that kept me up virtually every night for the first two years of his life screaming in my ear.  The only way that kid could sleep is on my shoulder with me sitting straight up in a rocking chair.  I remember me worrying if I was bonding properly with him, did I give him enough love?  Did I show him enough attention?  Would I survive him screaming at me for the first years of his life?

The same kid who was obsessed with Barney….then by the time he was two, it was Batman.  For years, he wore black rubber boots, his batman mask and cape to Wal-mart and everywhere else I would let him.  That obsession stuck.  He still LOVES Batman.  He is something else, that boy of mine.

When I was going through my divorce, he would ask me if we could afford to pick up a pizza on Friday night….worried that his mom was not adhering to a budget.  He was six then.  He still worries about his mom sticking to budget!  I guess it was about the same time he started calculating mpg for my car (something I wasn’t the least bit concerned about at the time) and comparing gas prices.  I honestly don’t know how he came here being so responsible.  It is something I’ve had to acquire over the years.  He has it natural.

He has a quietness about him.  You’re not sure what he’s thinking.  That can worry you sometimes.  It worried me a lot.  I remember worrying myself over his salvation.  Oh, he had professed his faith and followed in baptism.  But he was so quiet, so guarded in his emotions, I just wasn’t convinced.  As he entered into his teen years, he became much more social.  He is successful in everything he does.  He shares with me, I guess like a daughter might if I had one.

This past summer, I talked him into going with the youth to church camp.  He is an awesome kid but he had begun to be drawn in to the party scene.  I was worried.   Through some strange events that could only be attributed to God, he ended up going to camp.  It changed his life.  No, really, it did.  That sweet boy of mine is on fire for God unlike any teen I’ve seen. We moved him into his dorm at University of Houston last month.  I was so worried he would let that zeal he had for God fade.  Forget about his experience at camp and go back to his old life.  I carried his Bible up to his room and placed it in a spot he was sure to see.  Cause, you know, I am all powerful like that.  Me placing that Bible there was gonna be what made the difference.  Pshh.

How little faith I have in the Almighty sometimes.  That baby boy of mine called me tonight to tell me he is really struggling with going into full time ministry.  God is snickering at me right now I’m sure.  It seems He is still in control and has been all along.  This sweet kid with such a rocky start to life… we bonded just fine.  Tomorrow I will go pick him up so he can visit for the weekend.  I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to hearing ,

“Hey, momma.”

and getting a big hug from ONE of the sweetest baby boys God put on this earth.

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